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Drug For Breezing Through Graveyard Shifts At Work

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Advertisements are constantly airing on radio promoting Nuvigil or armodafinil as a remedy to drowsiness and lethargy - symptoms which individuals working in night times or other odd hours often experience. Those working in nursing, truck driving, security guard, bartending or call centre professions graveyard shifts are a part and parcel of their vocation.

Even as armodafinil is a stimulant which is already in use for treating undue drowsiness experienced by narcoleptics & hypopnea syndrome or OSAHS (sleep condition wherein patients momentarily experience stoppage in respiration or start breathing in a shallow manner on several instances while asleep, hence hampering relaxing sleep), the ad totally lays focus on those working in odd shifts. Their online site calls prospective consumers to experience wakefulness again & exhibiting photographs of content, glint-eyed workers – nurses, ground traffic controllers at airports among others. Supposedly, these people have managed to trounce over their sleepiness by using armodafinil.

However, what is portrayed on aired advertisements is just part of the entire picture. Modest efficacy, possible side-effects, a new-fangled medicine making its arrival in the market as an analogous drug from the similar firm approaches its patency loss.

The strangest aspect that catches one’s attention is that over fifty percent of the prescription penned down for armodafinil’s antecedent, Provigil or modafinil, are allegedly not for its endorsed signs however for off label usages such as for people who are depressed, ADHD or jet lagged. This might assist in explaining the reason for the medication being such a major hit & what its maker would be gaining by lengthening its life-span through the novel medicine Nuvigil. This point appears to standout even more taking into consideration the costing of these medications – about 350 dollars for a monthly dose of armodafinil & the steep, currently even higher costs of Provigil being six hundred dollars (probably another means of encouraging the masses to change over to armodafinil prior to Provigil becoming a low-priced generic).

Nuvigil (armodafinil) – Other Important Information One Must Be Aware Of

Nuvigil belongs to a category of drugs known as alertness-promoting agents working by altering the levels of particular innate matter in the regions of the brains which control sleeping & wakefulness. Here is the right way of taking this drug.

Nuvigil is an orally taken pill generally for once in a day’s time. In case Nuvigil is taken for treating work shift sleep disorder (condition wherein one feels excessively sleepy at the time of planned wakeful hours & problems getting sleep or staying in sound sleep at the time of planned snoozing hours – prevalent in those working night time or rotational shifts), one would perhaps be recommended taking the tablet an hour prior to your job shift commencement. Also Nuvigil would have to be taken at the analogous instant daily. One should ideally not be changing the timing during the day when one takes the tablet. Also one should discuss with one’s physician in case job shift doesn’t start at the analogous instant daily. All armodafinil takers must be following the instructions outlined in the prescription meticulously and asking the physician or chemist for explaining any segment one is not able to comprehend. For being on the safer side, Nuvigil intake must be taken precisely as per directions. Since the drug can be habit-forming hence not taking more dosages or taking it for more spans of time than what the physician prescribed.

Although the medicine might lessen drowsiness it would not be able to treat sleep problem. It is advisable to keep taking Nuvigil despite felling amply rested and not stopping its intake sans discussing it with your physician first.

Also Nuvigil is not intended as a substitute to getting adequate sleep and also following physician’s suggestion regarding healthy sleeping habits and continuing usage of any type of breathing device or some therapies which the physician gave prescription for the problem, particularly in case one has OSAHS.

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