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Drug Abuse Facts

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Here are critical drug abuse facts that shed light on the all-encompassing brunt on human existence.

Prescription Drug Abuse Facts

  • W. Virginia garners the top slot in United States to have the highly penned down prescriptions - being 18.4/individual and nationwide figure averaging to 11.6.
  • W. Virginia also appears to be the one with the max drug over-dosage mortality incidents in the U.S. attributable to the non-medicinal usage of prescription medications.
  • It is widely believed that a person abusing drugs must be capable of just halting their intake only of he/she is keen on amending his/her conduct. What is mostly underestimated is the intricacy of drug addiction – that it’s a sickness impacting the brains & hence halting drug abuse isn’t just a will-power issue. Addiction is a curable condition & similar to other incessant conditions; successful management is certainly possible.
  • One among 5 teenagers (4 ½ million) have engaged in prescription drug abuse.
  • Several parents haven’t mulled over the likelihood that their unutilized medications could fall into the wrong hand & several of them aren’t aware of proper disposal of older medications. Presently, the best way of disposing them is to blend prescription medicines that are not needed anymore with disagreeable matter & placing the mix inside throwaway containers into rubbish cans.

Drug Abuse Facts – Mortalities and Economic Upshots

Yearly sixteen thousand mortalities result due to illegitimate drug usage, however this estimation is likely to be middle-of-the-road since substance abuse is circuitously linked to morbidities from conditions like TB, AIDS, hepatitis, homicide & some brutal offences & secondary injury types.

Illegitimate drug abusers are making above 527000 expensive ER trips yearly for drugs-linked issues.

Drug Abuse Facts – Other Effects

Drug reprobates are accountable for over 1/3rd of the rise in state-wide prisons populaces & over eighty percent of the rise in numbers of central prisons inmate numbers since the mid-eighties.

Over seventy-five per cent of the injured parties resulting from domestic violence cite that their assaulter was either drunk or used illegitimate drugs during the episode.

Substance abuse has a tendency of being rather pervasive in particular vocations & businesses like employees in food-service & building.

Offspring of kin that engage in substance abuse too have a greater likelihood of becoming delinquents, pitiable school grades & emotional problems as compared to their counterparts from houses where substance abuse isn’t the case.

Pattern of Usage

Twenty percent of 8th graders have engaged in marijuana use. Coke & heroin are accountable for around seventy per cent of all drugs cases.

Brunt of Drug Abuse across Ethnicities & Populaces.

People from the Afro-American race have a greater likelihood of reporting illegitimate drug usage per week as compared to any other race.

Obtainable trials suggest that LGBT (lesbian-gay-bisexual-transgender) individuals have a greater likelihood of using illegal drugs as compared to the normal populace.

Latest data indicate that illegitimate drug usage seems to be pervasive in younger lesbians & gays. Among women in their sixties from the U.S., substance abuse is at endemic degree. One of the reports cited that females more than fifty-nine years of age have greater susceptibility to substance abuse & getting addicted to such substances quicker when utilizing lesser quantities as compared other sets of people.

Addiction to psychoactive prescription medications has been noted in 2.8 million elderly females.

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