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Domestic Violence in India

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Violence is a reaction that comes out of ignorant thinking and rash decisions. Violence is the other side of a rationalized mind. Sometimes the mind lets the emotions take over its functioning. At such times, the individual is seized with zeal to do things in a careless manner. This is leads to a kind of violence and this could be physical, emotional or mental. While emotional and mental violence is handled with counseling, physical violence is something that has to be curbed and nipped in the bud, and should be given serious attention.

Everyday newspapers in the developing countries are filled with information about how violence has seeped into the society and how it has become the order of the day. More and more cases go unreported every day and domestic violence today is the gory truth of the world.

Sometimes we ourselves as individuals become culprits by being mute witnesses to such occurrences that keep happening around us. What is the cause for such domestic violence and how does it occur?

The answer to this is not as easy as it looks. Violence in any form is unacceptable and if it is domestic violence, then it is a difficult thing to handle. In the Indian society violence is burning. It is seen everywhere and  one day it would erupt. It is more intense within the closed doors of a house. People are being beaten, tortured, killed and subjected to a lot of mental violation and thus they are subjecting themselves to domestic violence. This kind of domestic violence is crossing all age groups, racial lines and genders and is becoming a kind of legacy that is transmitted from generation to generation.

The violence therefore that is seen towards someone who we share a relationship with is termed as domestic violence. This is usually with a wife, husband, daughter, son, parent or a grandparent, siblings etc. It could be atrocities meted out either to a male or a female and it depends on the situation who is the victim and who the victimizer. Domestic violence could be physical, mental, or emotional.

Sometimes there are cases where the domestic violence has been a part of the society that we have been living in and we aren’t aware of the existence of such subtle violence. Normally domestic violence is the innate desire of the inflictor to gain supremacy. So the person who hits does this in a bid to be the boss, and the person who is the victim gets subjected to compelled submissive reactions.

Domestic violence is also due to the desire to exploit someone for the sake of gaining personal benefits, it could be emitting out of the need to have control over a family member. or it could be some psychological problems besides some typical social influences.

India is a land of great culture and tradition but sometimes it is this same tradition and culture that erodes the Indian society with a lot of domestic violence as the reaction. Women have proved themselves to be equal to men in almost each and every field and this has caused unrest amongst the Indian men quite unconsciously. There are cases where domestic violence has been resorted to, just to show who is more powerful. It is sad that in the Indian society domestic violence is sometimes a way of life.

Sometimes the pure dissatisfaction that a person has with the spouse, or the fact that there is a cess in the sexual relationship or that the children are being neglected, or that the woman has asserted herself in the relation, or that there are cases of infertility in the women are all plausible reasons, though unjustified for domestic violence.

It has been seen that most of the domestic violence occurs in Indian marriages and this is due to the fact that there are lot of discrepancies in the domestic sector in the country. Domestic violence in India is slowly on the decrease these days as people are getting more assertive.

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