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Do You Have The Hives?

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Hives also called nettle rash or Utricaria, being the medical terminology, is a skin disease which is very itchy, often looks like a fairly bad nettle sting. One can see the formation of large clusters of red patches with uneven edges and sizes, caused due to the reaction to chemical, histamine. It may result in swelling of the eyes, the lips or possibly the tongue. If the later occurs, one must immediately get in touch with your doctor as soon as possible. One of the most offending agents is aspirin which gives rise to the rash, swelling of the face, eyelids and mouth.

Hives can cause incredible discomfort causing pain, scratching sensations and generalized immobility to carry day-to-day activities. There is a particular form of utricaria called papular urticaria which is caused by flea bites, usually from fleas on domesticated animals like cats, dogs. The cure for this is to get pest control done on your pets. There are many offending factors leading to this disease, namely, reaction to consumption of certain medications, eggs, nuts, certain berries or other food products. Several precursors include people wearing ill fitting clothes or reaction to certain animal forms, acute temperatures, excessive sweating or those who are genetically predisposed to this disease.

You can do quite a lot of relief to the itchiness by cooling it with applications of calamine lotion; aloe Vera based topical creams, grapeseed extract mixed with edible oil or water, ice packs and frequent showering. There is no need for any specific treatment unless the attacks are persistent. In this case, you should refer to a dermatologist who will investigate the cause of the rash.

A good relief is a long soak in warm water mixed with about half a cup of cornstarch and baking soda. It seems to be extremely helpful in providing succor from the pain. A variety of herbal teas available in the market like peppermint, valerian or chamomile are great pacifiers for one’s mind, which eventually aids to cure the hives.

A long swim in the local pool will do wonders as the chlorine content in the waters will provide immense relief. One can apply the milk of magnesia on the redness at regular intervals to provide relief from the discomfort. One must stay away from any source of heat in the body. This is necessary to avoid the expanding of the blood vessels which will further worsen the situation. One should vary our diet to include meals loaded with Vitamins C, E and Zinc. One can start take multivitamin and mineral tablets for better recovery.

Another option is a potent combination of a teaspoon of honey, lemon drops, about two teaspoons of stinging nettle with tea. This will definitely improve the situation to a major extent. One can make slurry of about two cups of oats and about two to three teaspoons of corn flour. One can then cover the affected area with this mixture and leave for a good half an hour for instant relief.

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