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The pressure in the lungs gives out energy in the nerve endings such that the whole body is affected by the breath and the pressure on the nerves. When this long deep breathing is done then the entire focus on the muscles of the abdomen, shoulder and chest as breathing is involved starts to recede, as there is a natural bellow like motion in the entire portion of the diaphragm. Yoga helps to provide  [...]

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Dieting Tips That Is Turning You Fat - Part 3

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  • Take Time to Enjoy Your Meal

Positive traits: Relishing every bite of your meal helps you extract every flavor from your food which in turn will make you feel complete, otherwise because of which you may overeat. If you eat faster, then probably you don’t receive the message that you had enough.

Negative traits: Research has proved that during long dinners with friends, we tend to gain more calories. The reason behind this is that while we are with our friends, we eat more and prefer high-calorie dishes, similarly like our friends. In addition, if we sit for a two hour long dinner, we tend to eat more and order deserts just to linger for long with friends.

Caution: The essential point to remember is eating slowly and savoring every bite of food. This is to keep an eye over what we are eating. Also, if you can’t say no to large portion of food, then while you enter in a restaurant, ask the waiter to pack half portion for home. And if after eating the main course meal, you are satisfied but not ready to move home without a desert, then wiser idea would be to take a walk around instead of relishing desert.

  • Wake Up 30 Minutes Early to Work Out

Positive traits: Exercising is the best way to ensure that you are fit and fine. Also, it is a great way to assure that you don’t lose motivation and let go spare time.

Negative traits: Remember that if you are not getting sufficient sleep to start a fresh day, then waking early can cause a bad impact on your waistline. Study in University of Chicago found that people who slept five and half hours night regularly tend to eat 200 calories more in snacks compared to those who slept for eight and half hours. Perhaps this is because more time awake equals to more time eating. Also, other studies have suggested that deficient sleep hinders in the way of hormones that regulate appetite.

Caution: Sleep experts are of the view to get a minimum 7 hours of sleep every night, so that an individual stays at a healthy weight. Remember, if you are planning to wake 30 minutes prior to your regular schedule, then you sleep 30 minutes early to compensate. And if you can’t manage this, then take 3 ten minute breathers for exercising during the day.

  • Avoid Liquid Calories

Positive traits: This is because soda and coffee contains high amount of calories.

Negative traits: Every beverage doesn’t have the same properties, not every one is equal to another. For instance: Take soda, it doesn’t contain any calories whereas there are other beverages which provides with nutrients and helps in curbing appetite. Also, a preliminary study concluded saying that people who drank at least 8-oz glass of low sodium vegetable juice lost 4 pounds daily in 3 months while those who omitted the low sodium juice just lost 1 pound. This is because the nutrients density and volume helps in curbing the appetite suggests Carl L Keen, PhD, Professor of Nutrition at University of California, Davis and one of the study authors.

Caution: Prefer drinking calorie free juice for a super diet, but if you can’t resist calorie loaded juice when you are starving, then drink 8-oz low-sodium vegetable juice or fruit juice that is loaded up to 100 calories, so that you lead your body to a perfect way. Really, through this way you yourself will experience the difference.

  • Keep Sweets Out of the House

Positive traits: By this way, there are lesser chances of gorging a carton of ice cream or a whole box of chocolates at a time.

Negative traits: If you stick excessively to the diet program, then you are likely to find yourself a day, in an ice cream parlor and devouring up high-calorie loaded ice cream. So, for skipping this probability in near future, a wiser idea is to keep some temptations at hand as it teaches building willpower propounds a research published in Journal of Consumer Research. Also, prominent author Kelly Geyskens, PhD suggests “It allows you to develop a strategy for resisting them or controlling how much you consume.”

Caution: If you can’t resist temptations like ice creams or other personal favorites as you exceed beyond the eating limits, then you should strictly restrict the foods before entering your home. Instead, try to bring temptations that are small in quantity, but at the same time carry the potent to satisfy you, like dark chocolate bar.

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