Alternative treatments for arthritic conditions
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Alternative therapies for arthritic conditions are inclusive of treatments like acupuncture or magnets, chondrotin or glucosamine. People having arthritis usually suffer with conditions like stress, stiffness, pain, and depression. So it is imperative that there are alternative treatments for arthritis, which will help patients cope with this in a better way and in a healthier manner. If you do not  [...]

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Diagnostic Analysis Of Fifth Disease

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There are some syndromes that have good historical principles, among the people of any and every age group on the earth. Like for example, the disease like measles has affected mostly every body in some particular stage of life. They show their presence in the bloodstream through various skin rashes. The other disease that is in the queue is ‘fifth disease’ whose occurrence can be seen on the skin in the form of rashes.

What is fifth disease?

Fifth disease is a renowned syndrome that transpires because of a virus called parvovirus B19. This is a largely found among children and is also coined as ‘erythema infectiosum’ and ‘slapped cheek disease.’ This is identified as fifth disease because of its position in the numerical categorization of childhood sickness that is connected with the skin rashes like measles, scarlet fever rubella etc. Characteristically, there is an appearance of mild rash on the chicks or any other part of the body, the affected chicks can be seen as ‘slapped cheeks’. In addition, the symptoms like joint pain, fever, general flue can also happen. Fifth disease does not have any permanent affect on healthy children and adults. If a child or even adult is suffering with the sickness can have rash on the face and lacy red rash on the trunk   or limbs with itching. Usually, the rash melts in 7 or 10 days. Nevertheless, if any pregnant women who have a fragile immune system come in the contact of the disease   can face many severe complications.  It can be easily transmitted to   the baby from a mother. At times the disease can become a cause of serious anemia, which may not show any visible results but can have serious consequences in the future.

Causes of fifth disease:

Fifth disease causesFifth disease is mainly caused by the human virus parvovirus B 19. This disease affects mostly the school going children during the time of spring season. It mostly increases through the contact of respiratory discharges. The rashes because of the fifth disease may revisit for several weeks because of the exposure into the sunlight, heat, fever, exercise, or emotional stress. This disease is also linked to fever. If a pregnant woman is affected with the disease she can transmit that to the unborn baby. Thus, if a pregnant woman is suffering with the disease should always take advice of a good doctor. It can also lead to several other diseases like arthritis. Most probably, the virus stretches through the direct contact with discharges like saliva, nasal mucus, or allocation of used utensils or cups or food. In a family, if one person is affected with the virus, the chances become high that the other members will also be affected. In schools if one child is having the infections 10 to 60 percent of children can also be affected by the virus.

Symptoms of Fifth Disease:

The main symptom of the disease is a bright red chick that looks as if   the child has been slapped on the both side of the face. Latter on the race appears on the arms, legs, and middle of the body. It fades away from the external body parts and provides a lacy appearance. After a time period of two weeks the rashes vanish entirely. Before the disease occur, the affected person can have mild fever or headache of body pain.

Exams and tests:

The main exams and tests that the doctors do, is the examination of the appearance and the type of rashes on body.   They also do some blood tests to check the level of infection and provide a proper antibiotic. If a pregnant woman is having the infections, physicians can also conduct other major tests. In some case, there is no requirement of any kind of test.

Treatments of Fifth Disease:

The fifth disease virus usually cannot be treated by antibiotics that are generally advised to treat normal bacterial infections. However, there are some antiviral medicines in the market, but they are not so particularly to treat the infections. There are cases where theses viruses are so mild that there is not requirement of medicines. Typically, the kids who are suffering with fifth disease seem to be literally well and require little home treatments. As the fever and mild cold syndromes goes away, there are less requirements of treatment except the rashes on the body and other discomforts. If there is a severe existence of itching on the rashes, the child should to be taken to a doctor to reduce the discomforts. However, there are some well-known home remedies too. If a child is suffering with the disease, one should dip a sponge in lukewarm water and wipe the child. Bundles of fluids should be taken as in the form or sweat the body discharges lots of water. The sick child should be kept in a fresh airy room; he/she should not be wrapped in blankets. If an adult or even an older child of above 16 years is suffering with disease, she/he can take easygoing painkillers for a relief in the joint pains.  The children who are suffering with AIDS or leukemia or have certain blood disorders can be affected severely by the disease. The virus can provisionally slow down the body’s normal functions.


Whereas the vaccination for the patients of fifth disease is still silent, a proper hygienic know-how always works. People should always have a frequent hand-washing habit; this has proved to be the effective method of face any health challenge. The people who are suffering with the disease should be away from work or childcare centers and the school-going kids who are the sufferers should not go to school till they do not get perfectly well. One should always cover the nose and mouth whilst sneezing or coughing and   should dispose of nasal or mouth discharge appropriately. The affected people should always avoid public places like parks, bus stops, railway stations etc. if neglected, this virus can spread to large extend sometimes can lead to a sickness of cancer. The people who have some kind of cancer can have a risk of obstacles in fifth disease. If one has finished the chemotherapy or else he/she is perfectly well, there in no need to worry. But if the doctors have advised that the patient has low blood count, should avoid people with infections. If he/she has some other medical concerns should always maintain proper hygiene and precautions.

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