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A pregnant woman usually undergoes many changes and the typical waddle is a major feature of a pregnant woman’s life. Investigators have seen that the women walk the same way even after they deliver thus affecting the bones, joints, and muscles. The changes in the overall distribution and body mass are something that should not be left unattended. This is what results in major changes in the physiological  [...]

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COQ10 Vitamin Supplements - The Magic Potion

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Many populaces globally are slowly becoming aware of the numerous advantages of CoQ10, which is also termed Coenzyme Q10 or vitamin Q, an innate vitamin similar substance found in all cells in our body, the production of which depletes with age.

Its regular consumption has been vouched as an effective age reverser by rendering null the free radicals destruction known to hinder healthy cell metabolism leading to several ailments ranging from sun burns to skin cancer. CoQ10 also called ubiquinone, is a powerful anti-oxidant and aids in fat and glucose burning to generate energy also known to notably raise one’s stamina during workouts.

Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease are effectively treated with CoQ10 supplements as an add-on treatment measure. CoQ10 reduces harmful plaque formation and clogging of the arteries of the heart. Recuperation after heart surgery is faster after consumption of these supplements. People suffering from high blood pressure are known to respond positively to these supplements. One can keep a range of old age diseases at bay like eye sight deterioration, diabetes by daily consumption of this supplement.

CoQ10 supplements along with red yeast rice and niacin is a great option to maintain a healthy heart as it encourages healthy cholesterol levels in the body. Vitamin C or Vitamin E when used along with CoQ10 on the skin gives it a supple, young and bright look, reducing the formation of fine lines or wrinkles. Even hair texture and quality improves as CoQ10 shields the hair from damage and color reduction.

For prevention from gum diseases, nasty cavities and maintaining overall periodontal care, CoQ10 is the best bet.

However lactating mothers are advised to not consume the supplements of CoQ10. Some research has revealed that CoQ10 interferes with the effectual working of some blood thinning medications, though more detailed studies are on in this regard. Also, a set of 200mg a day should not be crossed as it can cause nauseous feeling and loose motions.

Those with overweight issues have reduced manufacturing of this vitamin, hence when given supplements of the vitamin are able to successfully manage their weight issues.

Oxidative stress causes a host of complications for pregnant women causing high blood pressure which has fatal effects on the foetus. Expectant women who were administered CoQ10 supplements at 20 weeks benefited significantly from it, though its extended term usage outcomes are still been researched yet. Male infertility caused due to immobile, deteriorated or low sperm quality were treated effectively with CoQ10.

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