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According to swimming connoisseurs, those who compete outdoors in near ninety degrees temperature water are similar to battling in hot tubs. Just being seated in hot tubs drains out energy and those who compete outdoors feel lightheaded and dehydrated while swimming which is a sport that uses the total body. The latest calamity to hog mass attention was United States swimmer Fran Crippen’s death  [...]

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Health and Sex – A Backlash Bond!
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One of the most important things adding pleasure to human life is sex. A healthy relationship is an outcome of the vital and hygienic sexual relationships. Human mind can be satisfied with eternal love, but what about the body? Sex included in a relationship works as a medicine for both, the love and the lovers. Sex can play more important roles than just contributing to the pleasure of life. It can be a great bonus for your health, along with your relationship. When 2 people have sex on their mind, the health and the immunity of the body becomes the last thing on their minds. But you don’t need worry; the body is taking care of it all. Sex can boost one’s, or for that matter two’s, health and quality of lifestyle. Activities of sex are vital for both, physical and physiological well being of the participants. Let us have a look at the health boons that involvement in sexual activities brings to a person. Stress buster Sex, or masturbation, is a great stress buster. Researches and  [...]