How To Treat Bunions
March 29, 2013 – 12:00 am | No Comment
A bunion is a deformity that is mainly made up of a lateral deviation of the great toe which enlarges due to a tissue or a bone. It is a serious foot problem. These are formed within the foot and not on the surface of the foot. An arthritic condition and  a result of bone degeneration it is found as  a lump on the outside portion of the big toe. Bunions are seen near the joint of the toe and sometimes  [...]

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Dealing with Low Blood Pressure Naturally
September 2, 2011 – 12:05 am | No Comment
The effects of low blood pressure on the sufferer might be as severe as high blood pressure. The medical term used for low blood pressure is hypotension. According to medical experts, people with chronic hypotension are susceptible towards developing other serious health disorders like endocrinal disorders, heart problems and neurological disorders. The common signs indicating abnormal decrease in blood pressure levels are: fainting and a feeling of lightheadedness. There’s no particular medicine for treating low blood pressure; this health problem can only be managed naturally by introducing certain lifestyle and dietary changes in the patient’s life. Lifestyle modification for managing hypotension: A bath using warm water twenty minutes before going to bed at night can help in getting rid of this problem. Adding Epsom salt to the bathing water will enhance the healing effect of the bath. If hypotension is triggered by circulatory conditions like varicose veins, wearing an elastic  [...]

The Triggers of Bacterial Diarrhea
August 23, 2011 – 2:31 am | No Comment
The Triggers of Bacterial Diarrhea
Diarrhea is a medical condition marked by passing of loose and watery tools for over 3 times within a day. Diarrhea might be caused by bacterial, viral and parasitic infections. Chronic diarrhea might also occur due to IBS or irritable bowel syndrome. This article will inform you about the common triggers of bacterial diarrhea. Salmonella: In the USA, 42% of the cases of bacterial infections triggered by food born bacteria occur due to Salmonella. These bacteria can infect food items through feces of both human beings and animals and this is possible due to the low quality of sanitary procedures involved in food production. Till date, studies have found evidences of the fact that Salmonella bacteria have over 2,300 serotypes, out of which the two most widely available types in United States are Salmonella Typhimurium and Salmonella Enteritidis. Campylobacter jejuni: The next most common trigger of bacterial diarrhea is Campylobacter jejuni. This bacterium starts growing due to mishandling  [...]

Health Benefits of Red Tea
August 1, 2011 – 1:02 am | No Comment
The other name of red tea is ‘rooibos’. Rooibos offers a number of health benefits, which includes improvement of our immune system, reducing general pains and aches etc. There are several instances when drinking a cup of red tea has helped in relieving allergy symptoms, asthma, headaches, stomach cramps and eczema breakouts. Red tea is also known to offer relief from insomnia and reduce blood pressure levels in patients with hypertension. Besides all these, the flavonoids present in red tea also make it an excellent remedy for preventing cardiovascular diseases. You can sip red tea both as a hot drink or a cold beverage. This means this drink can be had in any part of the world; let it be a regions with cold weather or the places with temperate climate. The cold beverage prepared using red tea is extremely refreshing; the hot drink on the other hand offers soothing effects. You can also use red tea as a bed time drink; it will not hamper your sleep as this tea variety does not contain  [...]

Mens Health Month This June – ‘Awareness, Education, Prevention’
June 13, 2011 – 12:05 am | No Comment
Mens Health Month This June – ‘Awareness, Education, Prevention’
Shocking stats reveal that mens health is at high risk & on an avg., males are dying nearly six years younger as compared to females & suffering greater death rates for major reasons of mortality. The objective of Mens Health Month is heightening awareness about avertable health issues & encouraging earlier identification & therapy of conditions in males across all ages. Major Health Issues Affecting Males Heart Disease As per information furnished by the CDC, cardiovascular disease is the top obliterator of males in the U.S. & is oftentimes non-symptomatic. Till there’s an occurrence of some type - like angina, irregular heart beat (arrhythmia) or heart attacks, individuals fail to realize that they are unwell. The foremost symptom in such cases could be fatality. The main 5 heart disease risk factors comprise of: Hypertension Being diabetic Smoker Strong kin history High levels of cholesterol Several of such risk factors could be managed; however, many males are  [...]

Guide Dogs – The 4-Legged Dependable Disease Detectors & Soothers
May 31, 2011 – 12:05 am | No Comment
Guide Dogs – The 4-Legged Dependable Disease Detectors & Soothers
Dogs are service animals programmed for pleasing. With the right training they are capable of doing amazing things. Guide dogs are presently trained to be useful for myriad tasks like alert diabetes patients about perilous plummets in levels of blood glucose, help children with autism socialise & veterans for better coping with PTSD or also notifying a mother suffering from deafness when her infant is bawling. Here’s an elucidation of top health problems for which guide dogs are deployed & the manner in which they are getting their tasks done. Detecting Cancer A dog has an unparalleled sense of smell – approx. 1 million times more potent as compared to that of human-beings – & easily detect chemical matters with dilution to some ppt. The knack of the canine specie to spot cancers initially came to light in the later part of the 1980s when a domesticated canine cautioned his master of skin cancer by having repetitively sniffed the skin sores. Since ten years back, many  [...]

Weight Loss Disruptors You Never Guessed
May 30, 2011 – 12:05 am | No Comment
Weight Loss Disruptors You Never Guessed
It’s certainly no secret that a month-off from visiting the fitness centre or indulgences in sweet-drenched nights could easily be causing the lbs. in piling on. However, several other lesser apparent things matter – right from sleeping times to the frequency of multitasking could also affect weight. Several females feel that they are doing all the requisite things for weight loss; however, habits which one never would’ve guessed might inadvertently sabotage all those efforts. In case you are attempting to trim your body, be heedful about the following startling weight loss disrupters. Night Owl Syndrome Being wakeful during the wee hours of the night might well be packing nearly 2 lbs on a monthly basis, as per a novel Northwestern Univ. trial. The trial unearth that individuals going to bed in the later hours are eating more foods (on avg. 248 cal. daily), having dire diets & a greater likelihood of having a bigger BMI (body mass index) as compared to people tucking in earlier.  [...]

Allergy Symptoms Smart Survival Guide This Spring
May 20, 2011 – 12:05 am | No Comment
Allergy Symptoms Smart Survival Guide This Spring
Specialists are stating that the current spring season might well be the nastiest one experienced by allergy sufferers. Without a doubt, mold spores & pollen numbers are hitting an all time high in particular regions like Knoxville, Chattanooga, Charlotte, Louisville, Tenn., Jackson. According to NIAID, allergic rhinitis pervasiveness has augmented considerably over the last fifteen years; presently ten to sixteen percent of United States adults are approximated to be having allergies costing the health care system around eighteen billion dollars yearly. There’s absence of definite responses for justifying escalating allergy symptoms rates. One hypothesis is that climatic alterations have steadily been contributory to prolonging the allergy season, as per a latest trial by the USDA. Surging CO2 levels facilitate thriving of poison ivy, ragweed & fungus spores. Handy Advice for Adeptly Coping with Allergy Symptoms Misery Determining whether it actually is allergy The abrupt sway  [...]

Dental Health Tips - Teeth Brushing Risks Many Are Unaware Of
May 16, 2011 – 12:05 am | No Comment
Maintaining teeth cleanliness & freshness in breath must be held with as much importance as the efforts one puts towards other facets of our body. All what is consumed – healthful or not would be passing via our mouth prior to its absorption by our bodies. Hence, it’s hardly surprising that tooth-brushing two times a day is crucial for maintaining optimal dental health by reducing plaques & teeth decay. Signs your teeth might be cautioning you about Our teeth have plentiful to reveal though the issue is that many of us aren’t heedful. It all begins with what’s eaten – our diets could be making or breaking oral cleanliness. Any victual would be coming with contact with one’s teeth prior to it moving on to being absorbed by one’s body. Hence, consuming a healthful diet is the answer to teeth & mouth cleanliness. Bear in mind that a healthful dietetic intake comprising of non-processed, less-sugar, organic foods is the best way of assuring optimal dental health. Factually,  [...]