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September 13, 2012 – 1:02 am | No Comment
There are foods that are healthy for the heart and which lower the blood pressure. They are also seen to reduce the symptoms of plaque and also have been responsible for improving the fitness of the cardio systems. The food that you eat gives a lot of pleasure to your palate and provides your body with a lot of healing substances. People would never think that the morning grapefruit gives the blood  [...]

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The 20 Minutes Pilates Workout For A Toned Body – Part II
August 15, 2009 – 10:30 am | One Comment
Pilates is turning out to be the must-stop on the road to a gorgeous figure, so hop on to the Pilates bandwagon like many others have, for the easiest way to getting a toned body. Exercise IV- Dive like a Swan Lying down on the stomach pointing toes outwards, outstretching arms above your head, one is needed to lift the arms and the legs close to six inches above the ground. Now to a single count, visualize one’s legs being pulled out and back away from the hips. The next step would be circling the arms out to the sides and at the back then exhaling while reaching the arms as close to the toes with palms directed in. One has to stay in the position for a single count followed by getting the arms to the initial pose and relaxing the whole body to the ground. This has to be followed for close to eight times and is great for upper body conditioning. Exercise V- Sideways incline with an upper body twist Lying on one side with forearms directly underneath the shoulder  [...]

The 20 Minutes Pilates Workout For A Toned Body – Part I
August 13, 2009 – 9:30 pm | One Comment
Pilates is the exercise mantra that has caught significant popularity with the likes of Sharon Stone, Keri Russell, Liv Tyler and many other celebs, all of whom are religious followers of this exercise routine. A latest research has uncovered that Pilates mat exercises are major contributors to getting a trim waistline, graceful stance and an overall body toning. By simply setting aside 20 minutes thrice a week, within a month one is bound to notice a leaner self and tighter butts, belly and legs one could ever possess. Exercise I- Circular movements in the air For this one needs to lie down on a flat surface, putting the hands clasped together behind the head. Now, contracting the abdominal area, lift the upper part of the body to some extent off the ground. Now, with one leg raised just five inches off the ground, lift the other leg up perpendicular and straight up pointing towards the ceiling. With the core abdominal muscles engaged and hips in steady position, attempt  [...]

10 Minutes To A Finely Sculpted Body
August 3, 2009 – 1:48 am | No Comment
Though doctors recommend thirty minutes a day of moderate level physical activity to maintain optimal fitness levels, there are many of us who have punishing daily schedules with little time to spare. Well, there’s no need to despair, fitness trainers and sports professionals have come to the realization that even twenty minutes or ten minutes per day will garner immense benefits ranging from weight loss, to firming, de-stressing and giving a sense of well-being. The key is adopting the following moves in slow, precise and consistent manner on a daily basis with just ten minutes of high intensity workout, wherein one is breathing heavy but not totally breathless  for optimal results. If one is targeting a specific body part, then the specific exercise for that part should be followed religiously with the specified time for each move can be increased if one needs to perform the move accurately. One can start off with donning a close to five pound vest for additional benefits when carrying  [...]

Prudent Health Care Practices on the go
July 22, 2009 – 12:37 pm | No Comment
Prudent Health Care Practices on the go
If you are one of those who is has a regular schedule of traveling for work-related reasons or personal, or holidaying -travelling has its own enticement and strain. Frequent jaunts can take its toll on the body, especially if it involves long journey times by air, jet lag being the most common complaint. One needs to keep high intake of fresh food during trips. Consume ample amounts of apples, bananas, apricots (dried or fresh), unsalted nuts which will keep the nutrient intake high and thus keeping your mind and body alert and energetic. For the road, keep a good stock of wholesome food like fruit juices, fresh or dried fruits, almonds, green tea and water. It’s always a better option to keep away from unhealthy, fat-laden foods which are many times offered on flights and at business gatherings. It is always ideal to small meals distributed at equally spaced times, when traveling. One might be tempted to sample the chips or breads, if waiting for long for your meal. A better option  [...]

Hip Health Through Kettlebells Workouts
July 7, 2009 – 8:36 pm | 3 Comments
Many associate toned hips as a sign of good, healthy being, attributed by many as emitter of subtle signs of power. People with sedentary lifestyles, hereditary hips or improper diets are most likely to have disproportionate hips. Research has revealed that such people were at higher risk to suffer from various ailments ranging from bone degeneration, back problems, joint aches, rheumatism to name a few. It is very essential to integrate complete body movements to raise the level of exertion needed to achieve successful fat-weight loss. This can be achieved by inculcating lifts and exercises that one can do on our own feet. A great example of exercise or lift that one can put into practice for amazing development in one’s hips and glutes is the use of kettlebell exercises. Kettlebells exercises are the primeval type of training which provide cutting edge fitness levels. This primordial tool was employed since centuries by sportspersons who imbibed this training form into their fitness  [...]

Relief From Embarassment - Try Kegel
June 4, 2009 – 8:45 pm | No Comment
Many of us go through humiliating conditions during day-to-day activities like sudden dispersal of the bladder in the form of urine during rapid, sudden movements of sneezing, coughing or while laughing. Women of all stages of life go through this debilitating form of incontinence or lack of control. This occurs due to flaccid urethra resulting from overuse, aging, or those in the habit of holding it in. Many women feel an unexpected, quick and sometimes aching urge to pass urine; many times the feeling is so overwhelming that they are unable to control the urge, many times doing it on the way before being able to reach the bathroom. The problem is mostly seen to occur in women past their fertile years. Without any forewarning, there is a sudden seepage of urine in droplet form or so much that one might need to use pad to solve the problem. This flaccidness of the pelvic region are due to several factors like motherhood, overweight, improper stance, invasive surgeries like hysteroscopy  [...]

Parkour: The Current Fitness Craze
June 2, 2009 – 11:34 am | No Comment
There are many of us who are weary of giving up their current training plan to start something new. But, Parkour is definitely vouched as the best mind-body conditioning technique which is gaining momentum amongst several youngsters. Parkour, initially originated in France, might seem like an extreme sport while for others it bears striking resemblance to martial art forms one sees in the numerous Jackie Chan movies. A great deal of keenness, restraint and rehearsal is needed to become good at this art form. The only need is to invest in a good pair of training shoes and you are all set to get started. A well-rested body without injuries, is vital in this technique, and involves utilizing all of the muscles needed to develop one’s stand jump ability, without piling up the unwanted bulk. This is an excellent method of self-defence if one is mobbed, as it makes one quite agile. Parkour training can be accomplished in various ways and can be done either solo or with a trained group. For  [...]

Lose Weight - Become Slim And Trim
May 28, 2009 – 8:37 am | 2 Comments
Lose Weight – Become Slim And Trim
It is always a common dream of everyone to become slim with a seductive and appealing appearance. Also it’s quite an easy job. If you just take a little bit care of your body then the dream is not far away. First, a quip about beauty: “There are no ugly women; only lazy ones,” says Helena Rubenstein in My Life for Beauty. Actually, the looks and the appealing nature are more dependent on the fitness compare to body or facial outlook. Even if you spare a little time on your look, you can sound beautiful also. Have you ever seen those “before” and “after” shots, and makeover shows? A woman’s appearance changes drastically depending on how much time and effort she put into it. Here are some of the best ways to lose weight, which may motivate you to keep your exercise goals. The 10 Best Ways to Lose Weight 1. Body Fat Analyzer and Scale The theme behind this product is to make you aware of the fat percentage in your body. This instrument work as an alarm and informs  [...]