Alternative treatments for arthritic conditions
September 30, 2013 – 4:31 am | No Comment
Alternative therapies for arthritic conditions are inclusive of treatments like acupuncture or magnets, chondrotin or glucosamine. People having arthritis usually suffer with conditions like stress, stiffness, pain, and depression. So it is imperative that there are alternative treatments for arthritis, which will help patients cope with this in a better way and in a healthier manner. If you do not  [...]

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Barley Leaves, Grass and Barley Seed
June 14, 2009 – 3:35 am | No Comment
Barley To Bring Out The Beauty Within - Health benefits of barley Barley leaves has been proved to be an effective skin purifier. One can make a whole body scrub by bringing to a bubble around quarter litre of pearl barley that is rich in essential nutrients, in half litre of water. This needs to be done for a period of half an hour, and then straining the above mix. The water that is filtered from straining is an innate detoxifier which can be combined with other fruit extract like orange, papaya, and pomegranate or squeezed lemon to get optimum purging of toxins from the system. The boiled barley mix left after straining can be left to reach room temperature. This cooked barley can be mixed with mashed banana, honey, pureed tomato or carrot to make an effective overall body scrub. The scrub can be rubbed on the skin for 15-20 minutes to get optimal exfoliation. Many face dry, dull and loose skin due to various factors like improper diet, various diseases like diabetes, thyroid irregularities,  [...]

Artichoke Exotic Beauty & Health Enhancer
June 13, 2009 – 9:35 am | No Comment
What Are Artichokes Plants? The exotic seasonal produce-the artichoke, high in iodine, is the unopened bud of the thistle plant essentially from the daisy family. Both the leaves and fleshy part of the petals and the much relished core-the choke all have proven immense benefits for the whole body. Artichoke, a powerhouse of energy, is an effectual diuretic and great for the liver, guarding it against harmful substances and contagions, while encouraging rapid renewal of the liver cells. The extract of artichoke is known to avert heart ailments, plaque, reduces cholesterol and improves blood circulation. The leaf extract has cynarin which facilitates bile creation in the liver that helps rapid removal of cholesterol from the body. Those with sensitive skin can apply a mask made from an extract of half a lemon or a teaspoon of vinegar, a tablespoon of olive or avocado oil and a pulped heart of an artichoke. In circular motion, gently massage it on the face and leave it on for 25-30 minutes  [...]

The Avocado Way To Great Looking Locks
June 4, 2009 – 3:36 am | 2 Comments
Avocado due its rich, creamy texture and power house of nutrients is an excellent deep root conditioner and makes one’s locks lustrous and smooth. One must try the combination of one mashed pulp of the fruit, one egg yellow and about a teaspoon of olive oil. The pureed version massaged in the hair and kept for about half an hour, and then washed off, gives incredible results. Another great option to treat coarse hair is the paste of avocado and grinded chickpea flour kept for about 20 minutes helps get great shine to the hair. One can try the conditioning pack of one mashed banana, a tablespoon of mayonnaise, a tablespoon of coconut oil and one mashed avocado and leave for a period of 20 minutes. A heat treatment after the above application will help intensify the effects of the above pack. This pack is rich in natural creams and oil and leaves a soft coat in the hair which get damaged due to heat, sun, and pollution or drying. This easy-to-make hair rejuvenating mix of one  [...]

Fennel Seeds - The Fragrant, Healthy, Body Beautifier
May 26, 2009 – 3:01 am | 3 Comments
Fennel Seeds Fennel seeds are a common sight in our kitchen cabinets, mainly for enhancing the flavours of dishes. It basically works to season the food. The unassuming fennel seeds have countless uses when consumes internally as well as used externally. Here are a few tips about how fennel can be used to great advantage. Fennel is an excellent mouth freshener and helps combat bad breath. Crushed fennel when boiled with water and the strained, cooled mix is an excellent cure of colicky babies. Women who face monthly irregularities in their periods felt effective cure to their problem. For those who experience stomach upsets due to indigestion, gas and constipation feel great relief when they consumed tea with fennel seeds in it. People with regular episodes of cough and cold and respiratory track congestion have experienced instant decongestion of the cough. Fennel infused tea is given to women who have delivered to facilitate the flow of breast milk and induce lactation. A  [...]

The Cabbage Way To Taut Skin And Healthy Body
May 25, 2009 – 6:39 pm | One Comment
Cabbage, though originally a wild herb, is one the most primeval plants among other common vegetables used by mankind with it origin dating back nearly four millennia ago, in the near east. One can find references of the humble vegetable, cabbage in Greek legends, who believed that the cabbage came into existence from the sweating of the main deity in the Greek history, Zeus. In the conventional medical Greek ceremony, cabbage was believed to encourage or boost lactation. If was believed that if cabbage was given to pregnant women, it was known to stimulate the milk producing hormones, thus increasing the breast milk production. Cabbage was extensively used in the subsequent centuries, during the prehistoric Roman era, where the Romans whipped up a remedy from the regular cabbage. The Romans used this cabbage based remedy to weed out the harmful effects of alcohol in the body. The Romans believed that cabbage helps to nullify and counteract the impact of hangovers that mostly followed  [...]