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Feet are that part of the body that support your weight and body and make a major fashion statement. If they are not cared for and taken care of well, then the soles of the feet develop flaky patches and crack. Cracked feet are known as heel fissures, are a problem for all ages. When the cracks in the feet are very deep then they split the skin open and thus make it very prone to infection and bleeding.  [...]

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Catch An Awareness Pod for HIV

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While the world is going through several innovative changes and progress in every facet, the setback of HIV/ADIS infections is still being a bigger dispute. However, creating awareness can be a good resolution towards the solution.

What is HIV/AIDS?:

Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) transpires because of HIV. HIV that is called human immunodeficiency virus is a virus that locates and damages the white blood cells in the immune system. Existence of a proper immune system builds up the human body to fight with various infections and makes it stronger to be stable in the un-manageable weather or situations. An HIV infected person does not behave unnatural but losses all his inner strengths day-by-day. If some one has some precise infections, certain cancers or else very low level of T cells, it is found that he or she has AIDS.

Causes of HIV /AIDS:

Scientists say that HIV is a very delicate virus and thus they cannot be active out side the body for a long time. It can be transmitted only by internal activities. It can be extended through cherished sexual connections, especially by having sex with HIV infected persons; sex between men with men or women with women has also become a great reason to spread HIV infections. Having infected blood transfusions and products or by using unhygienic needles and syringes are the other ways to AIDS. This virus can also be transmitted form a mother to the baby or after birth by breastfeeding. Doctors may recognize the HIV infection in a person after 10 or more years he gets it but still he/she can spread the virus into others.

Symptoms of HIV /AIDS:

The infection HIV can be seen in several forms like sore throat or a swelling lymph glands, continuous headaches, fever, diarrhea etc. A general continuous feeling of illness, weakness or herpes zoster infection which keep coming back, pains in joints can also be a result of HIV infection. Fungal infections on skin or nails, loss of sensations, various body inabilities or lack of well-being are also some consequences of HIV infections. An HIV infected patient can have bleeding disorders, in which the platelets count in the blood can be very low in amount.

Exams and Tests:

usually doctors check the patient’s CD4 lymphocyte counts, his/her complete blood count, the platelet count in the blood, the calculation of white blood cells in the body. Some other tests are also been done wherever needed.

Treatment of HIV /AIDS:

Still now, there is no any specific prevention for HIV Infection. However, some researches have shown that some medicines can treat the patient if he/has the early stage of HIV infection. The therapy called Antiretroviral can stop the growth of this virus to a certain extend. The Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy (HAART), which is a combination of several antiretroviral medications, can work well to trim down the number of HIV particles in the bloodstream. Although, HAART is not a cure but a temporary solution to this problem, which also helps the immune system to grow to fight with this disease. HIV can go to the advanced level where it can develop many other infections and even cancer.


While it is widely known that HIV/ AIDS Is not a disease to be cured permanently , one can only take a way out to save him/herself by adopting the various safety measures. One can reduce the risk of HIV infection through having safer sex, avoiding taking up intravenous drugs or sharing used needles or syringes. People who are HIV positive should not donate blood. Better and healthy social behaviors can always be a safe way to fight with HIV and bring other means for a long run.

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