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Body Cleanse with Pancha Karma Ayurvedic Method

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Pancha Karma is an Ayurvedic body cleanse & reinvigoration plan founded initially for Indian royalties to extend lifespan & health betterment by removal of physically existent impurity, bringing awareness to harmful thought process & behaviourisms & release older patterns.

Pancha Karma is usually carried out once in a yearly basis to prevent ailments & for growth (spiritually & emotionally).

The Pancha Karma body cleanse plan is segregated into trio stages:

Stage 1 – Purva Karma – Preparatory Stage

Purva Karma is practised for prepping the tissues of our bodies for cleansing & releasing toxic matter. For 1-3 weeks prior to the real body cleanse stage, elimination of any food form that has undergone processing, sweet items, stimulant types like coffee, & majority of the milk items from dietetic intake is strongly recommended.

Seven days pre-cleansing stage, additional modification of the diet is done – thus transforming into principally veggies & whole grain varieties. Such food forms, particularly, the veggies – basically help in creating an increasingly alkaline setting within our bodies that promotes the cleansing & detoxing processes.

In such preparatory stage, there is greater emphasis laid on internal focusing which translates to relinquishing daily activities & greater time spent to meditate & take nature walks. Participants are encouraged to breathe deeply – laying greater focus on the exhaling phase for getting riddance from any deeply embedded unfavourable idea, blockage & emotion.

One is advised on being particularly heedful about dietetic intake in the initial duo stages so that your digestive system is not overtaxed & easy-complete body purification occurs.

‘Ama’ is the by-product of incomplete assimilation - representative of gummy toxins clogging the conduits of our bodies which are nutrient-carriers to the cells & as well as help in removal of waste products from our bodies. As this body cleanse plan is performed for clearing out ‘ama’ from our bodies, one is recommended to evade any leftover & dead food items like those undergoing processing, packaging, canning & freezing – which are tricky in digesting & ama-creating. Any food which is not organically grown or those which have undergone genetic modification, food forms treated with pesticide, chemical-based fertilizer & chemical-based additive must be skipped. Moreover, any rich milk product like aging firm cheeses or yoghurts, food forms post deep-frying, or greasy, uncooked foods of any form, calorific-dense dessert items containing white sugar are not easily digesting & contributing to ama creation. Evade yeast-containing bread & dried forms of bread like cracker & post-fermenting food forms.

Consume Ama-Lowering Food

All are advised on favouring vegan foods like light, tepid cooked foods that are easy to digest. Fresh prepared flat bread, soup & dal, organically produced veggies that one must cook alongside spice forms & freshly prepared grain forms like quinoa are ideal.

Particular forms of fruit, veggie & spice varieties are mainly beneficial to cleanse the body hence eating one to duo serves daily is advised in the preparatory & cleanse stages.

Eating fig & prune post-cooking during breakfasts along with pears or apples (post-stewing), on the whole, majority of the sweet-tasting juicy fruit forms are superb cleanser foods.

Consuming loads of green leafy veggies is advised. They are to be chopped & cooked with detoxing spice forms like turmeric, fennel, ginger, fenugreek, coriander for optimal outcomes. Even cabbage, Brussels sprouts are beneficial.

Wholesome yet non-taxing on the stomach whole grain forms like barley, quinoa & amaranth & small serves of rice are suggested. Kanji preparation is basically rice boiled with ample water is a superlative drink to be consumed in warm state to flush off toxic matter from our bodies via urination.

Merging freshly prepared yoghurts along with some water & digestion-favouring spices is a fine after-meal digestive drink.

Khichdi & Moong bean soup are duo delightfully simple, wholesome dishes that are easily digested & pacify any ‘dosha’.


It is a stew-like preparation that helps to cleanse our bodies & also ideal when one comes off a cleansing plan. There are several recipes of Khichdi and here’s one of them.


  • One part brown rice (post-soaking for a minimum of thirty minutes & then draining).
  • One part of moong bean (post-soaking in water for a minimum of an hour & draining).
  • One part veggies like green bean, carrot, spinach & other green veggies.
  • Six parts of water.


  • Start off by heating some EVOO or clarified butter (ghee) in an open vessel on medium heat.
  • Adding a bay leaf, coriander-cumin seeds to it followed by a medium-sized onion, garlic-ginger (fine chop) and sautéing till light brownish.
  • Now stirring in a tsp. powdered turmeric, one-quarter teaspoon powdered black pepper.
  • Now adding moong bean, veggies, water & rice.
  • Cooking for around an hour’s time and no sooner have beans softened then adding a dash of salt.
  • Serving alongside some ghee topping & fine chop coriander leaves or cilantro.


  • It’s a manner of preparation involves placing plain butter into an open vessel & allow melting & simmering on less flame.
  • Butter might appear frothy & foamy at the surface.
  • In the initial 5 mins, keep stirring the butter intermittently.
  • Let simmer for an additional fifteen minutes.
  • One would notice that the particles would be sinking to the vessel base & foaminess settling at the surface.
  • Once sediments start settling at the base & begin browning then take off the flame & skimming off & discarding the froth.
  • Straining the liquids via a fine strainer or cloth & store in glass jars.

Moong bean soup


  • Half cup moong dal (split)
  • Three cupfuls water
  • One tsp. clarified butter
  • One tsp. churna (Kapha, Pitta, Vata)


  • Heating the moong dal in frying pan for three to four minutes.
  • Boiling water in another vessel.
  • Adding dal to it & then stirring for a short time.
  • Boiling for around twenty minutes till dal has softened.
  • Seasoning with churna.
  • Heating the clarified butter in a pan & adding the seasoning & stirring till a strong whiff of aromas are sensed.
  • Now pouring over dal & stirring once & covering soon.
  • Keep closed for five minutes for soup to totally soak in the flavours.

Stage 2 – Pancha Karma, the Cleanse Stage

Initially, nasal cleanse, laxative, emesis, enema & blood letting were the 5 types practiced. Though these were performed in India, the use of blood letting & puking or emesis is not followed in N. America.

A body-cleanse fast is mostly done in this stage. A herbal concoction is consumed all through the day which is prepared by taking eight cupfuls water, eight cardamoms, four tsp. of powdered coriander & cumin, duo pinch black pepper, four tsp. powdered fennel, half tsp. powdered ginger. All these are to be mixed in a vessel & brought to boiling point & then simmering for five minutes & then taking off flame & cover with lid for additional fifteen to twenty minutes. Straining it & drinking it in tepid form all through the day.

It is also believed that having one to two tsp. ghee in heated water first thing on waking up helps in releasing toxic matter.

Local application of ghee to the temple areas of the head & foot bases pre-bed times aids in calming the mind & promoting sound slumber. Practicing deep breathing is also stalwartly recommended. A tsp. psyllium fiber mixed into a glassful water to be taken twice daily is advisable.

A detoxing tea can be prepared by boiling duo quarts water at dawn, adding one-fourth tsp. cumin seeds, half tsp. coriander seeds, half tsp. fennel seeds & allow steeping for 10 minutes with the vessel covered. Now the spices could be strained off & water kept in a thermos to be sipped all through the day.

Stage 3: Rejuvenating Stage

In this stage, the individual would be returning to the basic diet of the preparatory stage. It is crucial to be doing this is in a gradual manner with introduction of solids.

On the first & second day of the rejuvenating stage, start with consuming khichdi though changing the amount of water in the preparation to fourteen parts of water to one part of brown rice, a part of bean as well as veggies and on the third day, following the initial recipe.

A number of individuals have experienced deep-healing taking place in the third stage.  Changes – physically, emotionally & spiritually could be felt in the upcoming period.

Once the cleansing period has concluded then it is the ideal time to begin the intake of ayurvedic formulas  for general health & vivacity such as:

  • Digest Tone
  • Lady
  • Amrit
  • Vital Man

Now any blockages in your body channels would have been ably cleared as a result of the Pancha Karma approach.

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