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There are foods that are healthy for the heart and which lower the blood pressure. They are also seen to reduce the symptoms of plaque and also have been responsible for improving the fitness of the cardio systems. The food that you eat gives a lot of pleasure to your palate and provides your body with a lot of healing substances. People would never think that the morning grapefruit gives the blood  [...]

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Best Skin Care Tips – Part I

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Skin eruptions, blemishes mostly surface on the facial, neck, trunk, shoulder and back areas that have the maximum sebaceous (oil-producing) glands. Many of us are prone to skin breakouts; however one could avert or get good riddance from most acne by adopting a daily routine that ensures best skin care.

Here is a step-by-step guide to the best skin care tips that would help you get the most flawless skin ever.

  • It is advisable to not rub alcohol or astringent/toner products that have alcohol presence as it could rob the skin of its innate, shielding moisture, cause skin irritation which could aggravate acne. Such brands could additionally make tolerance to prescribed pimple medicines tougher.
  • Moistness is vital to healthy skin, hence opting for a non-oily moisturizing product which states ‘non-comedogenic’ on its labelling. This translates to the fact that it would not cause clogging of the skin pores or be causal to black or white heads. There is bound to be some form of hesitation for applying moisturizing product on an acne-susceptible skin, but on the contrary a good product would having a soothing effect and thwart skin eruptions.
  • It is a fallacy that greasy food items or chocolates are causal to pimples. Acne could additionally arise due to overly active oil-producing glands in the skin. In case some foods appear to be prompting acne then try steering clear from them. However, one does not need to totally ban intake of pizzas or chocolates for getting a clear looking skin.
  • Staying amply hydrated all through the day. Additionally, eating a healthful diet with loads of fresh veggies and fruits that are high in vitamin A, E, duo vitamins that are best skin care vitamins. Dark green, leafy veggies such as broccoli, spinach are high in vitamin E. Fruits and veggies in varied colours like carrot, pepper, peach, cantaloupes offer the requisite vitamin A dose.
  • All oil-based cosmetic products must be evaded. Cream-consistency foundations or blushes usually cause pore clogging. Bare-Mineral cosmetic products that are powder-like and light have lesser likelihood of clogging sores.
  • Non-oily foundations could be used in case one is wearing makeup. Though firstly splashing the facial area with plentiful cold water prior to foundation application for closing pores. Irrespective of how weary one might be, it is important to scrupulously cleanse the face off any traces of makeup prior to hitting the sack.
  • It is a fallacy that getting tanned helps in clearing up the skin. Conversely, the ultraviolet rays of the sun could put a person at risk of developing skin cancer, untimely age lines and wrinkling. Avoid lying in the sun or using tanning booths. A number of prevalently recommended pimple clearing medicines inclusive of topically applied retinoid creams could increase sensitivity to the damaging ultraviolet rays.
  • Always remembering to use a non-oily sunscreen or moisturizing product having SPF (sun protection factor) of fifteen or more which offers broad spectrum shielding from ultraviolet A as well as B rays. Always selecting non-comedogenic products that would not cause pore clogging and re-applying in 2 hourly time intervals.
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