June 14, 2009

Barley To Bring Out The Beauty Within

Barley has been proved to be an effective skin purifier. One can make a whole body scrub by bringing to a bubble around quarter litre of pearl barley that is rich in essential nutrients, in half litre of water. This needs to be done for a period of half an hour, and then straining the above mix. The water that is filtered from straining is an innate detoxifier which can be combined with other fruit extract like orange, papaya, and pomegranate or squeezed lemon to get optimum purging of toxins from the system. The boiled barley mix left after straining can be left to reach room temperature. This cooked barley can be mixed with mashed banana, honey, pureed tomato or carrot to make an effective overall body scrub. The scrub can be rubbed on the skin for 15-20 minutes to get optimal exfoliation.

Barley To Bring Out The Beauty WithinMany face dry, dull and loose skin due to various factors like improper diet, various diseases like diabetes, thyroid irregularities, medications, harsh conditions. For getting taut, moistened radiant skin, try the following natural mix available right out from your kitchen cabinet. Put through a sieve wheat flour or barley and to the sifted mix add less than half teaspoon of grinded turmeric, a tablespoon of grinded mustard or mustard oil or sesame oil and mix the ingredients to make a slurry consistency. This blend can be rubbed all over the face and body and left to dry for 15-20 minutes. The blend can be scrubbed off the body with tepid water to reveal visible gleam.

Barley was used as an effective skin whitener during the Roman era where a mix of egg, honey, lavender oil, olive oil, bean flour, barley and mashed narcissi guaranteed gleaming skin. Crushed oats and barley was mixed with vinegar and brought to a boil. On cooling the mix, when applied on the skin is effective against blemishes and eruptions.

A blend of milk, crushed sesame seeds and barley was a beauty remedy followed religiously in the Egyptian era. Crushed young barley leaves when had with milk or fruit extracts like apple, orange, pineapple makes a potent drink rich in diverse range of nutrients, chlorophyll, innate vitamins and proteins which is great for overall well-being.

Make a mashed pulp of about two tomatoes, a tablespoon each of barley powder and yogurt, mix this together and spread all over face and leave for half an hour to reveal taut, clear and bright skin. An effective grandma’s recipe to treat acne is, bring to a boil barley seeds in water, adding lemon rind after half an hour. Let it simmer for an hour. The strained off water is a great way to avert skin eruptions. Barley and onion water are also known to cure pimples.

All the innate methods suggested herewith are to be followed with basic common sense, taking into consideration individual reaction to particular ingredients and if needed taking professional assistance, before following any of the above said procedures.

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