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Baby Food Diet – Get The Skinny About The Hottest Diet Fad

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Waah, waah! Now, is this an infant crying? No, it is the miserable wailing emanating from the tummy of a hunger-struck female following the so-dubbed, baby food diet.

The list of celeb followers is certainly pride-worthy – Jennifer Aniston, Lady Gaga, Reese Witherspoon, Gwyneth Paltrow have allegedly been on the diet created by coach-to-the-celebs, Tracy Anderson which is still to be developed into an official diet program. The diet is that basic & uncomplicated that even babies could be doing it, though is it working?

Essence of the baby food diet is eating fourteen serves (one serve being equivalent to four ounces jar) of infant food post-pureeing & a balanced adult meal once every day.

Tracy explains that the diet is a form of cleanse though one where one is allowed eating which she asserts can detox your body whilst averting the regular re-piling on of the pounds post-cleanse.

Since every infant food jar would be containing around eighty calories hence it would be totalling to 1,120 calories daily from mash food. It is just lessening somebody’s sum calorific intake; consuming smaller portions all through the day could assist folks in curbing their hunger. Based on a person’s calorific requirements, this might or might not be leading to a calorific deficiency that is necessary for weight reduction.

How healthy is the Baby Food Diet?

Presuming you opt for an array of jar foods – vegetable, meat, grain, fruit, bean varieties - & consume a wholesome ‘adult’ meal daily then the diet would be meeting majority of your nutritional requirements. Though, it might be lacking fiber, since pureeing of majority of the baby food is done sans the fibre-rich skin of veggies & fruits. Also since they would be less in fats, hence diet followers need to ensure including wholesome fats in their daily meal –like opt for avocadoes, nuts, EVOO & fishes laden with n-3 fatty acids.

Are there any downsides?

The key challenge when following the baby food diet is perhaps to find a way to feel satiety. When one opts for wholesome, top-quality infant foods, one might be finding them tasteless or insipid since they have zero included salt or sugar. Also the lack of textures or crunchiness might even leave one dissatisfied. Also with comparatively minimal fats or fiber, duo constituents of foods which proffer a sense of fullness – one might find oneself hunting around for more foods in just a brief period of time of having eaten. Also since one would be lacking that sense of satisfaction all through the day hence once its time for your grown-up dinner there’s a strong likelihood of overeating which can sabotage the calorific shortage you attained in the day.


The baby food diet may assist Hollywood stars in shedding lbs. swiftly prior to starring in those revealing shots, though for us mortals, dramatic restrictive dietetic intakes like this one is difficult to sustain & might actually to leading to yo-yo dieting.

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