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There are foods that are healthy for the heart and which lower the blood pressure. They are also seen to reduce the symptoms of plaque and also have been responsible for improving the fitness of the cardio systems. The food that you eat gives a lot of pleasure to your palate and provides your body with a lot of healing substances. People would never think that the morning grapefruit gives the blood  [...]

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Avert Cancer With These Healthy Foods

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Thwart the speculations of jeopardizing cancer by tossing these simple tweaks in your favorite meals which is put forward by nutritionists at the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center.

Consume loads of fresh fruits and vegetables:
Eating fresh fruits and vegetables are linked with lower risks of varied forms of cancer comprising of colon, oral, stomach, esophageal and lung. Whole grain food contains antioxidants like selenium which combats free radicals that have the potent to destroy cells and turn them cancerous.

Eat pancakes:
Load crepes i.e. thin version of pancakes with plenty of blueberries and walnuts. Dine it with a glass of low-fat milk. This is because their chemical properties have the potential to restrain the growth of cancer. The compounds found in blueberries hinder colon cancer cell growth and walnuts contain Vitamin E and other antioxidants. Milk has a high content of calcium which shields against colon cancer.

Eat salad:
Replace iceberg lettuce with romaine, and add spinach or any other dark leafy green vegetables and pep it with lots of bright colored vegetables. Don’t add more than 1 tablespoon dressing. Sprinkle 1 spoon of sunflower seeds which will add more nutrition to your diet. Eating varied vegetables together in a same meal helps in the working of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants efficiently which cocoons against the powerful cancer-fighting effects.

Eat coleslaw:
Eat loads of cabbage as it is enriched with antioxidants. However, don’t dip it in Mayo. Instead, toss it with 1 tablespoon of honey-mustard dressing, 1/3 cup of plain yogurt and add half cup each sliced with broccoli and cauliflower. This is because broccoli and cauliflower include cancer fighting compounds.

Crushed potatoes:
Steam 6 potatoes in their skin itself, then add half cup fat free milk and a tablespoon of shredded sharp cheddar. Swirl it with 2 tablespoons of chopped chives. This is because chives contain a compound known as allium which slows down the growth of cancer cells.

Macaroni and cheese
Pep this delicacy with leafy green spinach and add the following
8 oz whole-wheat macaroni
3 cups 1% lowfat milk
2 Tbsp cornstarch
4 cups spinach leaves
2 oz 1/3-less-fat cream cheese (Neufchâtel), cut in small pieces, at room temperature
1/2 tsp each salt and freshly ground pepper
1 cup (4 oz) shredded reduced-fat extra-sharp Cheddar
1/4 cup grated Romano
1/2 cup whole-wheat bread crumbs

  1. The first step to prepare a healthy dish of macaroni is to package direct. With it, steam two and a half cups of milk until it turns hot. To the remaining cold milk, add some cornstarch. Swirl it for a perfect blend. Pour this into the hot milk and stir them in a moderate heat until the sauce starts simmering. Stir the mix until it turns thick. Not, it’s the perfect time to remove the food pot from heat. Now, what you need to do is add spinach, Neufchatel, salt and pepper. And then, stir them until sauce is smooth.
  2. The second step is heat it in oven to 375°F, spread two quarter baking dish. Add ¼ cup of cheddar, two tablespoons of Romano and scraps of bread in a bowl.
  3. Blend it with pasta, sauce and left cheddar and Romano. Not transfer it to baking dish. Toss the mixture of bread crumbs.
  4. Heat 20 to 25 minutes till the top turns brown.

The content of spinach is mixed because it contains folate, Vitamin C and other vital nutrients which shields against cancer.

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