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Automatic Negative Thoughts – Stop Life-Ruining ANTS

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The most cheerful individual isn’t impervious to off-putting thoughts, though for several of them, the disparaging babble could be unremitting.

Psychiatry communities presently deem that alike feeling mortified could lead to facial blushing so also self-destructing thought process could cause infirmity, weight increase, pitiable skin & sadness.

Doctor D. Amen is a psychiatrist who has dedicated a major part of his life towards researching the extent to which thoughts could have an impact on appearances, vigour & successes in diets. Amen’s trials have shown that when downbeat thoughts are flipped to constructive ones then life could be transformed for better.

Amen classifies the annoyingly prevalent bane – ANT or automatic negative thoughts – that small voice popping inside us telling us we aren’t up to the mark in regards to our weight, being able parents or simply bad. He cautions to being watchful about hoards of automatic negative thoughts invading us. The resolution to trouncing this negativity taking over our lives is stopping these beasties in their track to ensure that they don’t get the chance to re-visit again. Our brains are potent enough and when one considers oneself wrinkly, overweight, aged, and absent-minded, it boosts stress hormones being produced that then afflicts health, psyche & how much one weighs.

Negativity in thought process only attracts off-beat things happening and in ceaseless combats, deliverance is to build one’s armoury of ANT-eating resolutions.

The answer is making a promise to oneself that one would not be listening to those ANTS. Doing so would help render what is thought into action which would then alter our body into what one desires. All need to comprehend that left with no option; our bodies basically follow our minds.

Here are 9 types of ANTs that people need to know about and how best to ward them off.

Negative Thought - Everything or Zilch

People often fail to accept grey areas in their life - leading to the belief that anything has to be white (good) or black (dreadful). It is the distorted sense wherein a missed day of workout means that one has zero willpower & one should rather be giving up on the entire plan of exercising totally.

Anti-ANT Solution

Forcing oneself into acknowledging that slip-ups once in a while does not essentially translate to the fact one should be giving up. In case one misses workout some day, ensure going for the subsequent one.

Negative Thought – Use of downbeat words

In case you’re finding that words like ‘never’, ‘each time’, ‘all’, ‘always’ are constantly part of your vocabulary then one is actually acting as though one hasn’t much control over one’s deeds. For instance, I would never pass this exam or all are against me.

Anti-Ant Solution

Proscribe phrases with over-generalization.

Negative Thought – Emphasis on the negative aspects

In case one constantly dwells on the negative aspects at the cost of positive ones then one has greater inclination of giving up rather than persisting.

Anti-Ant Solution

Putting an upbeat twist to anything for alleviating moods is the best way out.

Negative Thought – An emotional thinker

While one assumes one’s feelings regarding something is right, one might not be questioning it.

Anti-Ant Solution

Thinking logically instead is advisable – probe proof for backing & challenging one’s views.

Negative thought – culpability

The use of terms ‘must-have’, ‘should-have’, ‘have-to’, or ‘ought-to’ permits feeling of guiltiness to accrue & begin controlling behaviours.

Anti-Ant Solution

Drive out such guilty feelings, doing whatever one could, however never at the cost of one’s personal health or sanities, & using terms like ‘should’ merely whenever suiting oneself.

Negative Thought – Labels oneself

When one labels oneself, one essentially robs control over one’s deeds & starts believing those off-beat tags. A loser approach that then translates to that person being more prone to giving up too soon.

Anti-ant Solution

Never tag oneself & instead flipping the labelling one is trapped with for the better.

Negative Thought – You’re a fortune teller & mind-reader

Forecasting the pits although one does not know what would transpire is a rather widespread issue that could swiftly turn into infestations. Since our minds have so much potency that it could increase the likelihood of such dire things happening. Stressing oneself out would only depresses immune system & augments the chances of one falling ill as factually incessant stress has been linked to many ailments.

Often many people think that they discern what the other individual is thinking about which in reality is erroneous.

Anti-ant Solution

No one knows what is in store for them & being inquisitive regarding the future in an upbeat manner.

Those people who feel that they could read the mind of others actually haven’t any idea what others think and just since someone is looking at you doesn’t essentially translate to the fact that you are being judged by that person.

Negative thought – holding others responsible

It is not good blaming those around & taking no accountability for one’s personal success & failure. A person starting sentences with ‘it’s your mistake’ is actually wrecking his/her life and only making him/her a sufferer.

Anti-ant Solution

One is accountable for the manner in which one’s life is turning out and cannot constantly hold someone else blameworthy for it.

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