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Angelina Jolie’s Folly that Nearly Killed Her

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SALT star Angelina Jolie lately confessed about her unfavourable experiences with going vegan. An avid steak lover, Jolie had been vegan for a considerable period of time only to realize that she was not obtaining ample nutrition and spoke about how veganism almost killed her.

Such complaints are not unusual amongst ex-vegans – the restrictions of a vegan diet needs additional assiduousness for ensuring that one gets appropriate nutrients.

Jolie’s statements have ruffled a storm of sorts with huge debates regarding which diet type is best-suited for an individual and if or not one must ever consume meats.

Expert Opinion about being Vegetarian

Daily consumption of good-quality freshly cultivated local produce of veggies offer a power-house of nutrient gains which could immensely enhance health.

Even huge amounts of fruits could cause skyrocketing triglyceride levels among some people. Raw organic milk is believed to possess the most healthful proteins that improve health due to its myriad gains to health and muscle development stimulating factors for people who exercise regularly and having inadequate muscle volume.

Why Going Vegan is not best-suited for everybody

It is erroneous to state that any single diet is apt or best-suited for all due to several individual differences. While deciding on what foods to be eaten several factors are to be taken into consideration.

  • A person’s nutritional type that ascertains what proportion of carbs, proteins and fat his/her body requires for thriving. Every person’s body needs a varying ratio of each of these trio groups.
  • The type of meats & manner of cooking which impacts their health advantages.
  • The kinds and quantities of veggies selected, since not all veggies are apt for all nutritional categories and diverse forms require additional or lesser veggies for thriving.

Those faring pitiably on a vegan diet are the ones who are innately protein kinds, as they are denying their systems of vital energy, ascertained by their heritable and bio-chemical constitution.

Several specialists deem that there are health outcomes for opting to totally evade animal protein. Even as several of these people would remain slim and steer clear of ailment, they are possibly skipping vital nutrients necessary for optimizing their health.

There is nothing as ‘One size fits all’ and no ‘just the thing’ Diet

Nutritional Typing is one program wherein individuals are segregated into trio varied sets:

  • Carb – Elevated veggie levels and lesser quantities of fats and proteins.
  • Proteins – Elevated quantities of healthful fat & protein and lesser quantities of veggies.
  • Mixed – Lying in-between the above-mentioned choices.

In most probability, Angelina Jolie is a proteins kind or possible belonging to the mixed set and occasionally including steak in her dietetic intake might be what she required, although several vegan proponents are asking her to re-think her stand.

Ideal Means of Determining One’s Perfect Diet

Listening to one’s body is among the basic beliefs of nutritional typing program and adjusting one’s food forms on the basis of the way one feels (physical and mental response) subsequent to eating them.

In case post-meal, one feels like puking, lethargic, weary or miserable then it was an inapt meal. One could take the nutritional typing test on the website http://products.mercola.com/nutritional-typing/ (no follow) which would offer a person a vital cue on what he/she needs for modifying dietetic intake. Also it is incorrect to merely undertake the test on a single instant and stringently adhere to the food options suggested for that particular category – one has to continually test and keep changing food options till one has uncovered the ideal balanced diets of fat, healthful carbohydrates and proteins for oneself.

Nutritional typing is a means of determining what a person’s tailored diet truly is and certainly not one size fitting all within every nutrient set.

The Manner of Meat Cooking Matters

Similar to a vegan diet not always being healthful for all, also in case of meat consumption there are several factors influencing the value and health advantages of the meats eaten. These include:

  • If or not the meat is organic (conventionally obtained meats are laden with pesticide, antibiotic, hormone and other chemical forms).
  • If or not the meat obtained was fodder-fed which is vital for healthful meats.
  • If or not it has nitrate or preservative presence which is associated to cancer (meats post-processing have practically zilch health preserving worth).
  • The manner in which meat cooking has been done.

Any instant one cooks meats at elevated temperature, irrespective of whether one grills, fries or broils it, several detrimental chemical substances are produced which include:


Also known as Heterocyclic Amines are produced when cooking of foods are done at elevated temperatures and has been associated to cancer. The most detrimental portion of meats is the charred part which must not be eaten.


Also known as Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons are produced when fats dripping over hot sources produce intense smokiness encircling the food and transferring carcinogenic PAH onto the meats.


Or Advanced Glycation End formations in foods arise when food cooking at elevated temperature occurs (inclusive of during pasteurization or sterilization). Consumption of such foods leads to its accruements in the body over periods of time that lead to augmented likelihood of diseases, infection and oxidative stress.

Thus people belonging to protein types and thriving on red meats, consumption of beefs that are grain-fed and via factory farming yet prepared via char cooking till crispy would not be improving health.

The optimally healthy meats are to be organic & fodder-fed and cooking (quick searing) yields the advantages of raw.

However consumption of animal forms whose feeding and housing has been pitiable then ailment-causative bacterial forms is definitely a problem in case foods are medium-rare or rare during intake.

Infection is far lesser in case one eats meats from aptly nourished and caringly grown animal forms.

Although there might be several exceptions to this, most individuals (nearly sixty percent or more) would be feeling their finest when inclusion of several healthful source of mild-cooking or raw animal proteins are done in their dietetic intake.


In case your present diet permits you in functioning at peak energy levels & one atypically senses hunger or sweet cravings then it is a moderately favourable indication that one is consuming foods apt for one’s nutritional form.

But, in case you have struggled with some health challenge and have rigidly stuck to a dietetic intake which entails severe limitations or steering clear from animal-based proteins due to personal beliefs or one opts for it due to principled reasons then they should be considering altering their dietetic intake for including some extent of animal protein.

One could try experimenting with varied foods and observing what your responses are – mentally, emotionally and physically or try taking the Nutritional Typing Test.

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