Oxygenation through Suryanamaskar
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Now get the best kind of suryanamaskar exercises through simple routine exercises for good health. These leave your lungs completely ventilated and detoxify your body by getting the body rid of all the carbon dioxide. There is no scope for any kind of toxic gas to remain in the body. Suryanamaskar helps to keep the anxiety at bay and maintains the nervous system. Your memory remains fresh and it helps  [...]

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4 Reasons To Cheers To Your Health

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All of us are already acquainted with the fact that red wine provides a healthy heart. But do you know what other health implications does it have over the rest of the body? I will give you the good news, recent researches have proved that drinking modest amount of alcohol i.e. two glasses per day(one drink is equal to 12 ounces of beer, four ounces of wine or one-and-a-half ounces of 80-proof spirits) actually benefits the body from top to toe. Therefore, candidly grab a glass and cheers for a healthy life.

  1. Better Memory: Study conducted in the Wake Forest University reported that adults above 75 years of age who intake a drink or two per day, develop a 37 percent of lower risk of emerging dementia in comparison to those who completely refrain its intake. This actually happens because intake of alcohol boosts the release of acetylcholine, which is a brain chemical that is required for strengthening memory says author Kaycee Sink, MD, Assistant Professor at Wake Forest University Medical Center.
  2. Less Inflammation: It was found through a Scottish research that ‘resveratrol’, an antioxidant instituted in red wine, impeded mice’s body from creating two such molecules that are said to generate inflammation. However, specialists do not feel that the same will transmit upon humans because humans need to generate large amount of resveratrol. But they are keen in looking into how this reaction can be successfully used in treating the inflammatory disease like appendicitis. Despite all this, it is not harmful if one intakes a glass of red wine per day. Alirio Melendez, MD, PhD, who is a senior lecturer at the University of Glasgow, reported that “Alcohol helps with inflammation and definitely will reduce pain.” Also, there is a prevalent belief amidst the scientists that a glass wine per day can reduce the likely inflammatory diseases that can possibly turn to appear in future.
  3. A Healthier Tummy: There is a possibility that gallstones- hardened chunks of digestive fluid formed inside the gallbladder can be hindered by drinking alcohol. An English research reported that those people who drink alcohol equal to a small drink over one per day develop one third amount of low risk in bearing the sore conditions. This is because intake of alcohol alleviates ‘Mucin,’ which is formed by the gallbladder and triggers the growth of micro-crystals that invites the growth of stones says Co-author Paul Banim, MD, Clinical Lecturer at the University of East Anglia in UK.
  4. Longer Life: Research conducted at Harvard conducted a research over 23,000 people who were on a Mediterranean diet and concluded that those who consumed modest amount of alcohol, fruits, nuts, veggies and olive oils had developed a tendency of living longer. Experts suggest that red wine was found to be the most beneficial amongst alcohol. While the research program was on the process, they tried to experiment it from different angles, therefore once they expelled alcohol from the Mediterranean diet and found that the advantages were reduced significantly. This is because alcohol contains shielding compounds i.e. ethanol which is likely to strengthen the immune system. However, Dimitros Trichopoulos, MD, and lecturer on cancer prevention and epidemiology at the Harvard School of Public Health strongly stands by the point that red wine consists some essential antioxidants which help in living longer.

Bottom line:
Experts are of the views that if any person doesn’t drink, then to begin with just don’t start. Just understand the significant factor that intake of modest amount of alcohol can lead way to achieve positive results i.e. one or two packs per day. Studies have also found that overindulgence of alcohol cancels the positive benefits and on the contrary lead to negative health conditions like heart failure and liver damage.

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