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Enjoy the benefits of yoga and experience the best of flexibility through yogic postures. These are all geared towards improving the flexibility and balance along with strength. There is a regular way of maintaining all this and yoga only helps to ensure that you help to strengthen and also tones the body. All this gives you a sense of self confidence and increases your self esteem. All this helps  [...]

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Bones, joints and muscles and pregnancy
December 18, 2013 – 3:48 am | No Comment
Bones, joints and muscles are greatly altered during pregnancy. Relaxing helps to soften the cartilage as well as the ligaments and thus makes the joints a little unstable. It also makes the joints prone to injury. These all result due to the changes in weight during pregnancy. Physiological and anatomical changes have a major effect during pregnancy and have the capacity to affect not only bones but also muscles while at rest and during exercise too. Weight gain is another reason that causes a change in the bones, joints, and muscles. Aerobic exercise could help the weight to be under control provided not much calories are consumed. When babies are born to such exercising mothers, then they have the tendency to have a lower fat percentage. The baby thus undergoes a good training effect. Joints get affected due to the increased weight during pregnancy and cause pressure on the knees and the hips. These forces usually damage the joints and it is crucial that you understand how to maintain  [...]

Beauty and Skin Care with Cracked Feet
December 6, 2013 – 12:00 am | No Comment
Feet are that part of the body that support your weight and body and make a major fashion statement. If they are not cared for and taken care of well, then the soles of the feet develop flaky patches and crack. Cracked feet are known as heel fissures, are a problem for all ages. When the cracks in the feet are very deep then they split the skin open and thus make it very prone to infection and bleeding. So make sure that you treat the affected feet well before they get any worse. Such feet are usually caused due to dry skin that makes them more prone to crack. When there is pressure on the feet then the skin splits and one way to avoid this is to keep the feet moisturized. Pay attention to tendons and heels always. Drink more water so that you would be able to fight dehydration and also make sure your feet are clean, smooth, and healthy. A pedicure would help you to keep the feet clean. Do not wear open heeled shoes as this cause a pain on the cracked feet. Wear breathable shoes and always  [...]