Taking the Bite out of a Biting Child
August 30, 2013 – 1:12 am | No Comment
Child care is a continuous learning process and problems are usually a stepping stone in learning more about children. Biting is one such problem that has to be handled with tender loving care. A biting child is a negative child and has to be tackled with immediately. Whether it is a home care or a day care or whether the child is just with siblings, a child who bites has to be taught the rules. The  [...]

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Alternative Therapies for Varicose Veins
April 30, 2013 – 3:23 am | No Comment
Varicose veins are a painful problem, which are not easy to handle. Either these appear as smalls spider veins or at times large veins that are swollen and painful and could tire you out. Your legs feel heavy and weak and overall the whole feeling is very uncomfortable. Sometimes the blood vessels do not open wide enough to allow a smooth flow of blood and the veins get swollen resulting in varicose veins. Normally doctors prescribe blood thinners, medications, or compression hoses that are not only expensive but also bulky and tough to wear. Alternative treatments however have better solutions that not only cure but also prevent the formation of varicose veins. Pine bark, grape seed, and quercetin are alternative therapies, which cure the conditions of varicose veins. Take two doses of 500 to 600 mgs of quercetin thrice a day. This prevents the varicose veins from getting blue and swollen. Similarly, pine bark and grape seed also helps to strengthen the veins if you have 150 to 300 mgs  [...]

How Rheumatoid Arthritis Affects Pregnancy with Twins
April 15, 2013 – 12:00 am | No Comment
How Rheumatoid Arthritis Affects Pregnancy with Twins
If you are a victim of rheumatoid arthritis and you are pregnant then here is some good news for you. It will not affect your pregnancy. So you can relax and treat the condition without having to worry about your pregnancy. It is still not known why pregnancy causes arthritic problems to disappear but it has generally been accepted that the immunity level is high in a pregnant woman and so the rheumatoid problem remains hidden. An expectant mother can check before she gets pregnant if she has any such problem of arthritis and take necessary treatment to avoid complication during pregnancy. Have a healthy diet, exercise, gain weight if doctor has advised, and stay away from alcohol and tobacco, if you want to have a healthy pregnancy. To avoid problems due to rheumatoid arthritis it is better to take a prenatal vitamin, and calcium along with Vitamin D. Also, take fish to reduce any kind of inflammation and ensure that the supplements you take do not have mercury. Mercury harms  [...]