How To Treat Bunions
March 29, 2013 – 12:00 am | No Comment
A bunion is a deformity that is mainly made up of a lateral deviation of the great toe which enlarges due to a tissue or a bone. It is a serious foot problem. These are formed within the foot and not on the surface of the foot. An arthritic condition and  a result of bone degeneration it is found as  a lump on the outside portion of the big toe. Bunions are seen near the joint of the toe and sometimes  [...]

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Check out the Secret to Getting Rippling Muscles & A Buffed Body
August 15, 2010 – 9:44 pm | No Comment
Check out the Secret to Getting Rippling Muscles & A Buffed Body
All those hitting the gyms and are enthused about developing a striking build might often feel the temptation to clutch on to the weightiest of dumbbells and start lifting. However a research has shown that such people might actually be going through pointless affliction. Study investigators at the McMaster Univ. observed that when lighter weights are lifted for lengthier times the results are analogously effectual at sculpting the body and getting bulging muscles. The secret is pumping weights till the body has reached muscular exhaustion. Speaking in detail about the study, researcher Prof. Stuart Phillips pointed out that for people who needlessly grunt and strain their bodies for lifting the heaviest of weights could as an effective alternative clutch a comparatively light weight and then continue weight-lifting till the time one’s body is not able to do that task any further. Prof. Stuart expounds that their study team is certain that muscle growth essentially translates  [...]

Coconut Water – A Marvel or Myth
August 14, 2010 – 4:58 am | One Comment
Zero fats and cholesterol, less calorific value, innately high in electrolytes and a fabulous hydrating drink – the hyped health benefits of the hottest health trend in the U.S. – Coconut water appear never-ending. Fondly hailed as ‘Mother nature’s sports potion’ and ‘life booster’ by promoters, it is not surprising to see several celebs having swapped their Kabbalah spring water and acai fruit juices with coconut water. Priced at two to three dollars for a usual eleven fl. oz. tetra packing comparable to around ten mouthfuls, one really wonders is it really justified shelling out bucks for  what is dubbed ‘top-water’. For the dilettantes, coconut water is the colourless, nutty-flavoring or some might say ‘sock-flavoring’ juice preserved in the core of tender coconuts. Coconuts have been the mainstay fluid for countries in S.E. Asia and have been reaped for its pulp, milk and oil extracts. In the U.S., the drink became available in the markets during 2005 with  [...]

Your Belly Bulge can Kill You
August 13, 2010 – 12:02 am | No Comment
As per information from one of the most large-scaled trials done for examining tummy fat perils, a tummy bulge could prove lethal for elderly people, not sparing even those who are not suffering from obesity or overweight issues by other ways. The study indicates that irrespective of gender, people with broader tummy lines have a two-fold greater risk of death over a ten year period in comparison to people with smallest bellies. Astonishingly, individuals having broader waistlines had an augmented risk of dying due to reasons like respiratory, cardiovascular ailments and cancers. Other studies have associated waistline measurements to asthma, cardiovascular disease, breast cancer and dementia. A protruding belly line is a major problem among vast populaces of people in the U.S. who are over fifty years of age. It is approximated that over fifty percent of elderly males and over seventy percent of elderly women have waist measurements crossing recommendations. It is an ever-expanding  [...]

Smoke Cessation Tips – Help for those Tough Initial Days – Part II
August 12, 2010 – 1:08 am | No Comment
Here are some proven handy approaches to cease smoking. Filling up your ‘Daily Planner Diary’ In the initial couple of weeks following smoke cessation, ensuring that one’s days are replete with things one wants or needs to get done. For instance, making plans on eating meals along with kin or pals. The key motive is to evade any kind of temptation to smoke. Moreover, it is imperative that activities that one enjoys doing are to be included on a daily basis. Being busy would help in drawing your attention away from the urgency of smoking. Placing something healthy as a substitute in the Mouth Part of one’s urgency to engage in smoking is the need to have something in the mouth, so, as a healthy swap start popping in chewing gums, hard candies or healthful snacks in the mouth when the yearning to smoke arises. It is best to stock up on such healthy alternatives for such times. Those worried about piling on the pounds could opt for sugar-less substitutes. Securing a ‘helping  [...]

Smoke Cessation Tips – Help for those Tough Initial Days – Part I
August 11, 2010 – 1:05 am | One Comment
Here are some great quit smoking tips for smooth-sailing through those initial hard days. Sipping Chilled Water and Eating Mini Meals Sip on some cold water which could aid in replacing the sucking action of cigarettes. Latest study has shown that using straws to sip in chilled water assists in the release of brain chemical dopamine that proffers a good feeling and aids in easing downbeat moods. Consuming mini meals could additionally aid in surmounting over the urgency of smoking. It is best to opt for lean, healthful food types for avoiding any likely weight increase. Identify Immediate Gains It is only a matter of time when one starts to enjoy the advantages of a smoke-less existence. Jot down all the areas one has benefited ever since quitting smoking like feeling a better sense of control over oneself, no longer smelling of foul cigarettes, better taste of food acquired and greater energy levels. During those make-or-break moments when your self-control is low, peer at these  [...]

Checklists Make Loeys-Dietz, Marfan Syndrome Detection Easier
August 10, 2010 – 4:18 am | No Comment
Checklists Make Loeys-Dietz, Marfan Syndrome Detection Easier
Doctors could now diagnose patients having genetic disorders like Loeys-Dietz or Marfan syndrome by simply following a basic signs & symptoms checklist. These heritable conditions in case, not treated could prove fatal. Duo diverse researches that appear in the August edition of the ‘Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery’ by study groups helmed by Doctors of the Johns Hopkins Univ., Baltimore indicate the list could assist a patient in receiving the supervisions and therapy needed for preventing such genetic conditions from turning life-menacing. Mutations in particular genes cause these duo syndromes and cause noticeable bone irregularities along with apparent yet far grave heart conditions like aneurysms. Loeys-Dietz syndrome causes acute complications particularly among young adults due to which apt diagnosis is vital so that they could be monitored and preventative therapy employing medications for lowering blood pressure and also surgery could be conducted timely. Doctor  [...]

Viscosupplements for Agonizing Osteoarthritis
August 9, 2010 – 12:10 am | No Comment
Exercising and engaging in other types of physical activity is vital for osteoarthritis (OA) patients. However joint pains and rigidity in the knees could make even walking a tough task despite the intake of medications and other therapies. In case a person ailing from osteoarthritis has been contraindicated for knee replacement surgery or taking oral arthritis drugs, hyaluronic acid jabs could provide succour. Hyaluronic acid injections are also dubbed as ‘viscosupplements’ and help in adding to the innate presence of hyaluronic acid (a component of joint fluid which aids in lubricating the joints and enable their smooth functioning). It additionally functions as a shock-absorbing medium which helps the bone to bear the total might of impact when walking. Lessening in hyaluronic acid concentrations occur among patients having osteoarthritis. Hyaluronic acid shots are administered for supplementing the joint region. Specialists are not totally certain the manner in which such  [...]

Get Set to Avail from the Latest FDA-Approved Vaccines for 2010-2011 Flu Season
August 3, 2010 – 11:51 pm | No Comment
Get Set to Avail from the Latest FDA-Approved Vaccines for 2010-2011 Flu Season
Though the influenza season usually does not kick-start till October, however consignments of the vaccination have already begun. Brands like GSK, Novartis, AstraZeneca and Sanofi-Aventis have made announcements in the past fortnight that they have begun shipment of vaccinations to distributors. Varied brand names and forms of vaccinations have the United States Food and Drug Administration approval for varied age bands. The seasonal flu vaccine shields from 3 influenza strains, inclusive of the 2009 H1N1 flu virus that lead to last year’s outbreak. Previous year since the 2009 H1N1 flu virus surfaced following manufacture of the seasonal vaccination, duo vaccinations were required to be administered separately for protecting from the seasonal influenza as well as the 2009 H1N1 epidemic flu virus, however during 2010, merely a single vaccination would be needed. Nonetheless, some children in the age band of six months onwards to eighteen years old with unidentifiable inoculation  [...]