How To Treat Bunions
March 29, 2013 – 12:00 am | No Comment
A bunion is a deformity that is mainly made up of a lateral deviation of the great toe which enlarges due to a tissue or a bone. It is a serious foot problem. These are formed within the foot and not on the surface of the foot. An arthritic condition and  a result of bone degeneration it is found as  a lump on the outside portion of the big toe. Bunions are seen near the joint of the toe and sometimes  [...]

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Which Antidepressant Is Perfect For You?
September 10, 2009 – 11:05 am | No Comment
What do you do if you are going through excess pain from your stressed or depressed feelings? Might be taking stress lightly and don’t think that it should be entertained by any doctor. We ourselves become doctors and try to treat ourselves by randomly choosing medicines that might render de-stress in the time of suffering. But this whole process is absolutely hazardous as taking in pills that are not for your treatment can cause perilous side-effects. There are surplus chances of taking in pills which can harm you, not because the pills are heavy or light but because you might have switched to medication that is not appropriate for your treatment and it can also lead to unnecessary reactions in the body. In the pharmaceuticals market, there exists an array of 30 types of antidepressants and choosing from them what might be better for enhancing your health condition is a sheer matter of doctor’s examination and recommendation. However, a research result issued in the medical journal  [...]

DHEA – The Much Controversial, Multi-Use Hormone
September 9, 2009 – 5:10 am | No Comment
DHEA is the innately manufactured hormone in the human body. It is synthetically manufactured in the laboratory employing chemicals derived from wild yam and soy. Nevertheless, our bodies are incapable of producing DHEA from these compounds, hence by merely consuming wild yam and soy would not help in any way to raise DHEA levels. One must be vigilant as to not getting hoodwinked by wild yam and soy products that have labels stating ‘innate or natural DHEA’. DHEA is a parent hormone manufactured by the adrenal glands close to the kidneys and liver area, also produced by the testes in men. It undergoes transformation within the body to the hormone androstenedione which finally morphs into the main masculine and female hormones. Its levels diminish with ageing and in those with particular medical conditions such as depression. DHEA has been known to dawdle or undo the aging process, employed for weight reduction, enhancing cognitive skills in elderly individuals and slowing the  [...]

Prudent Ways To Tackle Unusual Human Body Oddities – Part IV
September 9, 2009 – 4:00 am | No Comment
Prudent Ways To Tackle Unusual Human Body Oddities – Part IV
Certain embarrassing and occasionally atypical states are displayed by our bodies, leaving us clueless and dazed at times regarding its origin or its cure. The appearance of raccoon-similar eyes or darkening of the skin around the ocular area is quite an undesirable sight that tends to make one appear rather fatigued and older. One of the cited reasons includes inadequate sleep leading to the skin near the eyes going pallid that seems to call attention to the dark circles. As one ages, the skin surrounding the eyes become thin, making them more prone to discolouring. Other factors include genetic pre-disposition, asthma and certain types of allergies. Not many women would like the sight of excessive hair growth on the body, a condition known as hirsutism, wherein excess hair spurts are noticed on the chin, upper-lip along with other areas of the body. The factors causing this undesirable condition could be due to hereditary, in certain cases the over-secretion of the male hormone,  [...]

Prudent Ways To Tackle Unusual Human Body Oddities – Part III
September 9, 2009 – 2:49 am | No Comment
Prudent Ways To Tackle Unusual Human Body Oddities – Part III
One’s body is constantly giving out signals when it encounters certain unfavourable situations. Being ideally clued-in about the matter would help to decipher them, to facilitate better care. How often do many dig their ears, prodding with fingers or cotton swabs to clear the built-up of ear war that causes intense itching. Accumulation of ear wax is the body’s mechanism to combat infection, an innate ear cleaning mechanism and is a manner in which the body sheds off unnecessary matter by skin flaking. The actual trouble commences when one attempts to clean the ear canal probing with items or cotton swabs that leads to pain, itchiness, and buzzing sensation in the ears or auditory loss. The most adept person to clear the wax is one’s doctor who would ideally employ methods like irrigation to clear the wax built-up. Many people start having a hairy tongue that is quite an alarming sight. Though, it nothing but the minute lumps on the surface of the tongue that have, instead  [...]

New Duo Potent Antibodies May Assist In HIV Vaccine Search
September 8, 2009 – 9:15 am | No Comment
Scientists piloted by the IAVI or International Aids Vaccine Initiative have stated that two antibodies to HIV have been discovered with a potential to target the vulnerable aspect of the virus’s defence mechanism, that may assist in the creation of the much needed HIV vaccine. This is the first form of identification of such antibodies to have taken place in more than ten years, and has been the foremost one to have been obtained by isolation from donors hailing from developing countries. The meticulous details regarding the breakthrough have been published in the journal Science. The scientists are optimistic that this discovery would be the harbinger to further analogous findings that would help in the global search of an effectual HIV vaccine. Mr. Wayne Koff from IAVI elucidated that the novel antibodies uncovered are largely defusing antibodies that are produced by a small populace of HIV infected individuals. They are unique in comparison to several antibodies to HIV due  [...]

Prudent Ways To Tackle Unusual Human Body Oddities - Part II
September 7, 2009 – 9:30 am | 10 Comments
Prudent Ways To Tackle Unusual Human Body Oddities – Part II
A majority of us are faced with major quandary when our bodies start letting of uncommon signals. Though being clued-up about them does help one in overcoming them with ease. Though the normal spate of getting hiccups is due to unmanageable constriction of the diaphragm muscles located underneath the lungs. This happens when one chomps down food too quickly, excessive intake of intoxicants or gulping in air. The much professed remedy to swallow water while being in a bent down posture is not the right thing to follow. Instead, merely containing one’s breathing, swiftly guzzling down water and inhaling in a bag aids in getting rid of hiccups. At times the tonsils carry along undesirable visitors that appear as whitish, odorous bulgy formations that are quite bothersome. Dangling out in the tonsil pouches, these lumpy formations are formed due to mucous and microorganisms getting entrapped together forming a stone-like stuff known as tonsilloliths that leave an appalling after-taste  [...]

Prudent Ways To Tackle Unusual Human Body Oddities – Part I
September 6, 2009 – 10:15 am | 10 Comments
Prudent Ways To Tackle Unusual Human Body Oddities – Part I
In countless occasions, one’s body displays the weirdest of quirkiness, leaving many wondering how to overcome them. Well, here’s a low down on them. All ardent fans of the icy treats have at some point experienced headache subsequent to a quick gorge down of ice-cream. This occurs due to the constriction of the blood vessels in the frontal part of the brain, set off due to the sudden chilly or cold sensation experienced by the nerves located in the upper surface of the mouth. A zippy way to relieve the discomforting pain would be to keep the tongue pressed on to the roof surface of the mouth to facilitate the warming up process. It sure is a bummer, when one is plagued with too much perspiration, a condition known as Hyperhidrosis. A widespread occurrence noticed even in those with optimal health, it is known to crop up in the areas like the face, normally worsening in the inner surfaces of the hands, feet and underarms. Though solution for this involves the use of aluminium  [...]

Kellogg’s Revokes Two Eggo Products Following Bacterial Detection
September 5, 2009 – 9:30 am | No Comment
In a latest move, Kellogg’s have withdrawn two of its Eggo items for consumption because of being contaminated by a certain strain of potentially dangerous bacteria. This swift step was undertaken in the Atlanta plant of Kellogg’s. The called back produce comprised of: The Eggo Cinnamon Toast waffles version of Kellogg’s with a ten-count packaging, having a Universal Product Code of 3800040440 and expiry dates that commenced with (NOV22 – NOV24) 10 EA. The Eggo Toaster Swirlz Cinnamon Roll Minis version of Kellogg’s with an 8- count packaging, having a Universal Product Code of 3800023370 and expiry dates that started with NOV15 10EA. This eye-opening discovery came to light following a regular assessment procedure undertaken by the Georgia Department of Agriculture or GDA. The inspection found the presence of the Listeria monocytogenes bacterial variety discovered in the Buttermilk Eggo Waffles version of Kellogg’s. Though, there was no shipment undertaken of  [...]