How To Treat Bunions
March 29, 2013 – 12:00 am | No Comment
A bunion is a deformity that is mainly made up of a lateral deviation of the great toe which enlarges due to a tissue or a bone. It is a serious foot problem. These are formed within the foot and not on the surface of the foot. An arthritic condition and  a result of bone degeneration it is found as  a lump on the outside portion of the big toe. Bunions are seen near the joint of the toe and sometimes  [...]

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Getting Plucky About HIV Testing- Part I
August 22, 2009 – 11:00 am | 4 Comments
A CDC approximate states that one in three HIV infected individuals in the United States is unaware about it and is inadvertently passing the disease on to others. If one is engaging in sexual activities and has not been checked, one needs to understand that HIV isn’t the end of the road or death penalty anymore, as radical, innovative medicines are being manufactured that aid longevity in several HIV infected cases without contracting AIDS. Anonymity is guaranteed at several locations where tests are done, without the need to undergo any kind of needle piercing. Those who are promiscuous, having greater than one sexual partner must go in for testing. If the partners are being flitted frequently, then routine testing is mandatory despite one might be adopting safe-sex measures. Many individuals seek medical assistance only subsequent to their HIV condition worsening and going into the advanced AIDS stage, when nothing much of consequence can be done about the condition at that time.  [...]

FDA Approves Novel Drug For Schizophrenia And Bipolar Disorder
August 21, 2009 – 10:00 am | No Comment
A new-fangled drug, Saphris, manufactured by the Schering-Plough drug company, has received the approval of the FDA for treatment of adult schizophrenia and bipolar disorder I. Mental infirmity such as schizophrenia and bipolar I disorder exert tremendous toll on the lives of those inflicted and their kin as it necessitates long endearing treatments and rehabilitation. Thomas Laughren, director of the section of psychiatry produce, Center for Drug Evaluation and Research, FDA stated in a news broadcast that effectual medication could assist individuals with mental debility to avail greater independence in their daily lives. The FDA has pointed out the general indicators of schizophrenia that comprise of inapt disbelief or being overly suspicious, hallucinating, irrational convictions such as thinking that people around them are constantly contriving and overpowering their thought process. Bipolar I disorder is an unremitting, vicious, intermittent psychiatric disorder that leads  [...]

Weight Lifting- A Pliable, Promising Option For Breast Cancer Survivors
August 20, 2009 – 10:15 am | 6 Comments
Weight lifting is now an acceptable option subsequent to Breast Cancer surgery and gaining significant momentum as the ideal option in those breast cancer survivors with lymphedema, a condition that causes swelling in the arms due to accumulation of fluid. Lymphedema is known to be a long-lasting side effect found in those breast cancer patients whose lymph nodes are removed at the time of surgery. A latest research disputes the credence that breast cancer cases with lymphedema in the arms must desist from lifting heavy weights to avert any aggravation. The novel study printed in the 13th August publication of ‘The New England Journal of Medicine’ states that weight lifting may, in fact assist in improving the condition of those breast cancer survivors ailing with lymphedema. The study was carried out on 141 U.S. based women that had undergone breast cancer treatment, with half of whom availed complimentary sponsorship to a neighbouring health club and received weight lifting  [...]

Parents Ignorant About Eye Risk From Sun Exposure
August 19, 2009 – 9:15 pm | 4 Comments
In an appalling revelation, experts have cautioned that three out of four parents are putting their children’s eyesight in jeopardy by exposing them to bright sunlight without the use of apposite eye protective gear. In a survey undertaken by the College of Optometrists on two thousand people, it was found that close to a third of British-origin parents didn’t invest in sun-protective glasses for their children. Even in those that did buy them, close to half of them laid greater emphasis on costing rather than adequate protection and merely a quarter of them bought sun-protective eyewear from reputed brands. The College of Optometrists advocates the choice of dark coloured glasses bearing the CE quality trademark. Experts have counselled that those with light eyes are at greater risk from sun damage, with those having blue coloured eyes must constantly use sunglasses. The ultra-violet rays emitted from the sunrays can harm the retinal area and lens of the eyes that can cause  [...]

August 19, 2009 – 10:30 am | 5 Comments
Osteoporosis is a grave condition involving the thinning of bones, often starting off furtively and if adept measures are not taken, it can lead to excruciating pain accompanied by fractures and varying forms of disability. Risk factors that cause osteoporosis comprise of increasing age, smoking, drinking, being woman, lower bone mass, decreased levels of sex hormones caused during menopause and due to intake of some medicines. Osteoporosis Causes: Through the growth spurts in infant and teenager years, the rate of bone development is quicker than existent bone being absorbed by the body, a process which reverses subsequent to crossing the age of thirty. One is at greater risk at getting osteoporosis, if the idyllic bone mineral density or bone thickness is not attained during infant and teen years. Decrease in bone thickness accelerates in women close to menopause, when there is depleted production of the estrogen hormone that plays a crucial role in guarding against bone thinning.  [...]

Ingenious Ways To Melting Pounds Away
August 18, 2009 – 9:40 pm | 12 Comments
Sticking to the below said nifty techniques one would be able to burn calories to the hilt. Pole Walking: As simplistic as inculcating a pair of sticks, preferably a set of Nordic poles to your daily walking ritual will not only bolster upper body strength and fortitude, really engaging the core muscles, decreases the stress on the knees and makes the workout effectual by burning 20-45% more calories than the regular walking routine alone undertaken at similar speed. The lighter weight, grip-able, cushioned rubber-tipped Nordic poles are the idyllic and potent additives to your daily walking ritual. This can be done by firstly holding the poles attempting not to grip the handles too tightly, keeping vision straight ahead, head up with neck relaxed, one need to lean forwards very slightly from the ankles and not the hip area. The front foot should land heel-first while pushing off the toes of one’s back foot. Now swinging one arm forwards from one’s shoulder, not the elbow  [...]

Low Back Pain
August 18, 2009 – 9:15 am | 4 Comments
Low Back Pain is the pain associated with the lower back area between the ribs and above the upper legs. The lower back is the crucial link binding the upper and lower body, largely bearing the body weight due to which it faces easy injury or abuse when lifting, reaching or twisting. With nearly everybody going through the pain at some phase of their lives, the positive aspect to it is that with a few crude self-help courses of actions the problem will pass away in some weeks. However, if chronic or relapsing pain persists beyond a few couple of weeks, seeking medical assistance is crucial. Low Back Pain Causes: Low Back Pain is regularly caused due to excessive use, straining or injury, sudden jerky movements during travelling or while doing some physical activity. With age, the bone and muscle strength deteriorates raising the possibility of injury. The cushioning disc connecting the spinal vertebrae might undergo major wear and tear causing friction between the bones. Often  [...]

Tennis Elbow (Lateral Epicondylitis)
August 17, 2009 – 10:20 pm | One Comment
Tennis Elbow or Lateral Epicondylitis is a condition that causes extreme burning pain over the bone at the side of the elbow resulting from tendon inflammation that connects muscle to the bony protrusion known as the epicondyle on the outer side of the elbow. A major populace of those inflicted with tennis elbow do not even indulge in racquet sports and is known to generally affect individuals in their dominantly using arm, sometimes also occurring in non-dominantly used arm or both of them. With as much as 50% of the cases of tennis elbow sufferers being tennis players in the span of their careers, yet less than 5% of every tennis elbow diagnosis is linked to essentially playing tennis. Though persons from any age can become inflicted, it has been observed mostly in the age bracket of 30-50 years, with more cases of men than women have been observed. Tennis Elbow Causes: Excessive use of the arm and forearm muscles is known to mostly cause either a sudden or slight damage to the  [...]