How To Treat Bunions
March 29, 2013 – 12:00 am | No Comment
A bunion is a deformity that is mainly made up of a lateral deviation of the great toe which enlarges due to a tissue or a bone. It is a serious foot problem. These are formed within the foot and not on the surface of the foot. An arthritic condition and  a result of bone degeneration it is found as  a lump on the outside portion of the big toe. Bunions are seen near the joint of the toe and sometimes  [...]

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Scrumptious Ways To Healthier Chocoholics
July 27, 2009 – 11:19 pm | No Comment
Many are hung on the taste of chocolate that is derived from cacao beans, the wondrous health booster. The meat of the pounded, roasted cacao beans is used to make chocolate liquor. The fat of the cacao beans also called cocoa butter when separated from the chocolate liquor, we get cocoa powder. The unsweetened chocolate is a healthy option comprising up to 50% cocoa butter is pure chocolate liquor. Another good choice is the bitter-sweet variety has less than half proportion of liquor in addition to cocoa butter, vanilla and sweetening. One could hand crush the cacao beans or grind them in a processor or grinder. These can added to smoothie preparations, sweet dishes, tea or beverages. An excellent option is combining cacao with vanilla beans that has quite a unique taste. One could try consuming them whole, gnawing them to feel the taste, texture and flavour of raw or baked chocolate. The powdered cacao can be added to yoghurts, granolas or sweet preparations. A great beverage  [...]

Radical Method To Mend Heart Damage
July 26, 2009 – 8:09 am | No Comment
A revolutionary discovery has the potential to create a sweeping breakthrough in the health industry with the novel method of repairing tissue damage caused by cardiac arrests. A proficient team of scientists in US have identified a new-fangled approach to effectively treat heart attack patients, those with heart ailments and children with heart abnormalities. Cells that evolve into fully developed adult heart muscle cease to divide and are thus incapable of restoring tissue damage caused by disease or abnormality. This major hurdle has been overcome with the Boston team having found a means to facilitate cells division, with widespread anticipations that they had the potential to play a major role in the cell renewal process. The findings that were published in the Cell journal stated that the preliminary research was carried out on rats and mice at the Children’s Hospital Boston who were injected with NRG1 or neuregulin1 believed to be the key growth factor. It was found that  [...]

FDA Places Black Box Warnings On Smoking Cessation Drugs
July 25, 2009 – 1:43 am | No Comment
The proof obtained from varied trials undertaken by Pfizer for Chantix has shown greater probability of success rate in cessation of the smoking habit. The antagonistic nature of Chantix or Champix is known to inhibit craving for nicotine, causes decreased smoking pleasure and other tobacco derived produce. There are a reported three million people in America that consume Chantix. Several patients on Chantix have undergone precarious and adverse side effects comprising of most common ones like nauseous feeling, headaches, insomnia and recurrent bad or unpleasant dreams, while many others feel extremely worked up, depressed or show strange withdrawal behaviour patterns. Chantix side effects also include the inception of mental illness like lunacy, manic behaviour, bipolarity, delirium or schizophrenia. Chantix may cause a relapse of past mental illness. Chantix users have also been reported to tend to have suicidal tendencies, tried or committed suicide. Fatal accidents inclusive of  [...]

Revolutionary Technique To Derive Human Sperm From Stem Cells
July 24, 2009 – 5:04 pm | One Comment
Revolutionary Technique To Derive Human Sperm From Stem Cells
Stem cells have yet again proven their versatility as British researchers on Wednesday asserted to have successfully produced human sperms from stem cells. Several doubts seem to have been raised by experts who beg to differ on the matter. Scientists at Newcastle University in joint endeavor with the North East England Stem Cell Institute have devised a radical approach to obtain what they proclaim as sperm cells from nascent stem cells. Stem cells have the ability to transform into any cell in the body. Research senior at Newcastle University, Karim Nayernia on Wednesday remarked on the immense versatility of stem cells, stating how the procedure would provide an insight to the researchers on the way the sperms were produced, that would go a long way in evolving effective treatments for male infertility. The revolutionary research was circulated on Wednesday in the Stem Cells and Development periodical. Many professionals in the field have been quite sceptical in regards to this  [...]

Nanotechnology Breast Cancer Drug Under Scanner
July 24, 2009 – 3:39 am | No Comment
Abraxane, the nanotechnology breast cancer drug, developed by Abraxis BioScience, Inc, is widely advertised in the United States under a co-endorsement agreement between Abraxis and AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals LP. According to the agreement signed with the US based company, Biocon has rights to sell Abraxane in India, Pakistan, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and some South Asian and Persian Gulf countries. In 2005, the U.S. FDA approved the use of Abraxane in Injectable Suspension for breast cancer treatment taking into consideration its side effects, post the not so desirable effects of chemotherapy. However, when Natco Pharma’s Albupax , the cancer remedy did not pass the vital safety trials, the Drug controller general of India (DGCI), that is India’s drug regulator has instructed a fresh rounds of tests to be carried on Abraxane, the medicine’s original version. The new rounds of tests are on way as a safety measure subsequent to Natco’s drug that showed high endotoxin levels  [...]

Innate Cures To Infant Cold Sores
July 24, 2009 – 12:05 am | No Comment
Cold sores have no connection with cold with the only commonality being high temperature. The culprit being the herpes simplex virus that remains in a quiescent state in the nerve roots of those children who get infected by direct contact. The affected areas are usually around the nose, lips, cheeks or chin which in many cases is passed through adults who kiss them. If the body gets heated up due to reasons like cold or viral infection, sunlight, the heat activates the otherwise dormant virus which leads to symptoms like itching, tenderness, soreness in skin which aggravates to a swelling and later on into blisters in a duration period of 24-36 hours. The blisters take 10-14 days to clear up with alternating weeping and scabbing. Herbs like Echinacea, wild indigo, St John’s wort, Melissa help clear inflammation while alternative herbs like burdock, calendula, peppermint, nettles, cleavers, red clover, dandelion root help speed the elimination of toxins from the body. Liquorice  [...]

Yoga Poses - Birds And The Bees Facet Good For Tots
July 23, 2009 – 1:48 pm | No Comment
Yoga Poses – Birds And The Bees Facet Good For Tots
Whoever said that children are too small to know about the birds and bees stories. Yoga is great way to make the child have a feel of the particular animal, insect or bird form while at the same time improving attentiveness, taut and supple muscle tone and a flexible spine. Yoga Positions The Owl pose can be accomplished by making the child sit down with his feet crossed with hands close by to the body and the palms of the hand touching the floor. The head is to be then turned from one side to the other stopping when the chin is just above the each shoulder. Effort can be made to turn the body around once in a slow thrusting-propelling way with the help of the hands as one moves from one shoulder to the other. The bird pose can be exacted by making the child sit erect with the soles of feet touching each other and hands clutched together behind the back. One can start by drawing the blades of the shoulders together in slow fluid motion while keeping the head pulled back, staying  [...]

Handy Cures To Natty Hands
July 23, 2009 – 12:05 am | One Comment
Hands are an intrinsic part yet mostly uncared for part of our body which are always on display, the ones to bear the maximum battering from the vagaries of nature and our stress busted lives. One can incorporate certain practices into our daily routine that will go a long way in maintaining supple and radiant hands. The milk that might have gone spoilt can be used as an excellent way to brush off dead cells or one could simply add some fine/coarse sugar whilst washing our hands with foam wash for the scouring effect. Sugar can be blended with olive oil too and massaged into the hands, covering the hands with gloves and leaving for a while, washing off later to reveal smooth and clear skin texture. Fruits based applications are quite effective for the hands. One can make a blend of fresh pomegranate extract and enough soya flour to make a thick paste which can be applied on the hands and left on for 25-30 minutes, thereafter washing it off. A pack based on the blend of pureed apple  [...]